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Reggie over Dro

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TwistedToka, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Do you guys prefer Reggie over Dro/Kush??

    It may sound weird but I love me some Reggie over anything just cause it's the easiest thing to get (sometimes) around where I live.. :smoking:
  2. Quality, over quantity.
  3. That's crazy talk man..
  4. also living in the slums is better than living in the subarbs
  5. Quality or die.
  6. Dro doesn't indicate quality. It only indicates how it was grown.

  7. If you call the suburbs the slums be my guest lol :hello:

  8. ik ik but I don't care about either cause i can get some quality reg.. one time i got some and it had a Kush scent to it but i was blitzed
  9. yeah there are a lot of dro snobs who look down on turdies, but i dont mind, though i usually opt for dro unless im getting a really good deal. it still gets you high, but not that dank high. the taste is rougher, but it tastes like being 17 again. to each their own, if you like schmoking regs, thats your beezwax :)

    if i get a decent deal ill get some and roll up a bunch of js.
  10. what is reggie and dro?

    is that weed?
  11. Comparing regular grade to hydroponically grown makes no sense. Dro isn't a strain, it's how it's grown
  12. I don't get it...

    all; Dank, Regs, Mids, Schwag means is Weed, shitter weed, even shitter weed, very shit weed

    So let me get this straight, you preffer shit weed over normal weed?
  13. Lol.dro/kush
  14. "Yes there are a lot of dro snobs who look down on turdies"
  15. "Quality reg"... ahahahahah

    Even high mids vs mediocre dank is night and day for me. Although I know a lot of my friends that smoke only once or twice a week can barely tell the difference so I guess it's subjective.
  16. I see what you did there. :laughing:
  17. Quality > Quantity. Not because I'm snobby or look down on others who smoke regs, but I like to smoke the best I can get my hands on. Makes my high better anyways.
  18. once you start smoking dro every day theres no going back
  19. Lmfao

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