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Reggie or mids or dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toker-toke-toke, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. #1 toker-toke-toke, Mar 12, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2016
    CAM00016.jpg CAM00018.jpg I am wondering what this is I don't know if its Reggie or mids or dank can someone help me out
  2. Hey there! The pics aren't very clear, but they LOOK like mids/high mids.

    Honestly, I've had seedy, dark green bud that gave me a great high, but some amazing, dense, light green buds with purple spots and lots of hairs that barely gave me a buzz.

    Try looking for these things:

    Is it shiny? Are there a lot of crystal-like spots all over it? Try breaking it in half and check if the inside is shiny.
    What does it smell like ? How strongly does it smell?
    Are there any seeds?
    Is it sticky (not wet)? It shouldn't be too dry where it crumbles when u try to break it up, but it shouldn't be wet either, since that can lead to mold.

    My advice would be to try smoking it. If the high is good, then I wouldn't worry too much about anything else.
  3. Okay I was getting paranoid but even with the pics being crappy it is weed right I'm only asking because I'm going paranoid and need reassuring
  4. Yeah haha it definetely looks like weed, don't worry about it. The best way to make sure what you're buying is weed is to make sure that it's not already ground up, so if they're in nug form you should be fine :) enjoy!
  5. Why thank you kind sir and I will definitely smoke better now that I know ✌
  6. No problem at all! PM me with any questions whenever u feel uneasy, I'm happy to help!
  7. That's fuckin' mids, bruh. No mistaking those bad boys. Granted, I will say that they actually look like they could be pretty damn good, though. How does it smoke?

  8. They smoke pretty great started at 10:30 and still high
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  9. Sweet man, glad to hear it! When they're done right, they can hit like a motherfucker sometimes, happy you found some worth smoking.:smoke: It was a trip down memory lane for sure though, man, as soon as I saw those nugs I swear I could immediately smell them through the screen.

  10. Its absolutely impossible to tell through a picture. Thats like if i sent you a picture of some food i made and asked you if it tastes good.

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