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Refusing A Search (Uk, London)?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Crackhead420, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Yeah so what will most likely happen? And let's say I hide my weed in my sock then will it even be worth it to refuse the search. But let's say for example I have a gram in my pocket. Police say they wanna search me and I don't give my consent, what will they most likely do to someone over 18 and what about someone under 18? This is for UK, also if someone refuses a search is it likely they will strip search you?
  2. Im curious about this too, no answer from me tho im affraid
  3. Ahah thanks, well just see
  4. If your over 18 and they found a gram or 5 on you you'd probably be given a street side caution. If your under 18 you'll be arrested and be taken to the police station where they'll get in contact with your parents and they will have to pick you up from the station. I know this not only from knowladge but my mate got arrested when we was 17 in my car and he got caught with 10g on him, he took the wrap otherwise I would have lost my liscense for being under the influence too. He got interviewed and released later that night, 15 mins after he was realised I smoked a fat dank with him haha :)

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