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    A government source has reported that the stone blocks the CSA is chiseled on have been removed from the Ft Knox suppository and stone masons and voodoo doctors have been summoned so the proper rituals can be performed before the masons add anything to these precious stones that 1/3 of the federal employees depend on to keep their jobs.
    He has reported that thinking has been added to the CSA Schedule 1 because it is mind altering,addictive and harms government plans.
    \nAnti-Pot Activist Concedes Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol
    Dan Riffle of the Marijuana Policy Project points out that Patrick Kennedy, chairman of the anti-pot group Project SAM, let this slip during his recent CNN debate with my colleague Nick Gillespie:
    I agree with the president. Alcohol is more dangerous.
    That is not what Kennedy said after Obama made that comparison in an interview with The New Yorker. Here is what Kennedy said then:
    We take issue with the President's comparisons between marijuana and alcohol, and we strongly encourage him-a president who has, on many occasions, championed rigorous science-to work closely with his senior drug policy advisors and scientists, who fully acknowledge the growing world body of science showing the harms of marijuana use to individuals and communities.
    As I pointed out, Kennedy never actually said Obama's statement was inaccurate (as opposed to inconvenient). But he strongly implied that the president needed to get his facts straight if he was going around saying that marijuana is safer than alcohol. Yet here is Kennedy, the day after Project SAM issued that press release, saying exactly the same thing. ‘snip”
    \nProhibitches use duck scat on their hair so common sense and facts slide off like water off a ducks ass,,,rumor has it after awhile everything they say begins to sound like a duck,,QUACK<QUACK_LIE_QUACK

  2. If you haven't put two and two together already, MPP is controlled by interests that already control alcohol (Kennedys) and are lobbying on their behalf.
    Everywhere MPP sets up shop, shitty laws follow. I've seen MPP in action up close and personal in our state and they suck rocks.
  3. CSA will put pot in Schedule II. Big pharma profits, drug war continues.
    Can you say smokescreen boys and girls? I knew you could...

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