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  1. Ok
    I have a 3X3X7 space i am growing 1 plant i have the light which is(8) 75 watt that are on a pully set up so i can rise it and lower it the problem i am having is finding the right reflecting "sorce" i read not to use Tin Foil So i Didnt what would u all use?
  2. or if you want you can go to wal-mart in the Camping section and ask for Emergency Blanket thats what most people use its only like $1.99 for a huge sheet works great. but of course mylar is expensive it the best, but the best of the best reflective item is white walls.
  3. White Walls white walls reflect light? i am confused lol
  4. Yes white walls reflect light. Ever wear a white shirt in the summer?

    Anyway, tin foil will work, just make sure it is dull side out. Mylar or white paint would work better, though.
  5. Just purchased a 50 inch by 50 foot roll of mylar off net soo tyvm guys
  6. this is the order as far as reflective materials go:

    base white paint:98%

  7. is this real or you estimated?
  8. I've seen the numbers as mylar=94% and flat white=88% not 98%.
  9. the figures vary greatly, as a real reflection percentage is extremley difficult to calculate. i always find that flat white black-backed mylar works the best. the shiny stuff crinkles too easily and causes refraction rather than reflection.

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