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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smokedogg, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Hey whats up?

    I just wanted to know what everyone thought of things used to reflect light back in the grow room and if they thought it was decent or not. I can't paint the walls white in the room so thats a no go.....

    any good advice appreciated

  2. Mylar.

    If you can't get/afford that, buy some cheap plaster board and paint that white.

    Use the metal right angles used to hang shelves (1 each side of the board at both ends - _|_ ) to act as "feet" and you have some instant, cheap, moveable white walls.
  3. Hi,

    Probably the best thing to use is mylar. It's a type of plastic that comes as a sheet and is highly reflective but is not "flat" enough to cause hot-spots on your plants. It's what I use and can vouch for it's effectiveness. It's usually available from places that sell HPS Grow-lamps/Hydro shops etc.

    The next best thing, in your case, would be aluminium foil with the matt side used to reflect the light (again, to avoid hot-spots). I would stear clear of mirrors as they do cause hot-spots and the glass absorbs a lot of the light making them much less efficient.

    I hope that helps!

  4. well i have a question about the mylar...i was looking at some and there were different sizes. i believe they had the 1 mil and the 2 mil sizes. what is the best/easiest size to use...thanx

  5. Like I said it's like a plastic sheet. It's very reflective (looks like plasticky tin-foil!

    Good luck.

  6. As for thickness, I'm not completely sure. I would have to guess the thicker the better (reflectivity probably goes up) but make sure it still flexible enough to fit around you grow room!

  7. Emergency blankets found just about anywhere for 2 dollars 4 by 7 foot and i would say its the next best thing to mylar they are found around the camping supplies hope this helps good luck
  8. I was wondering the same thing about the walls in the grow area...I could get some of those pieces of posterboard that stand and fold into thirds as "surrounding walls" right? Is it nessasary though or arround harvest time is it going to be something I wish I'd done?
  9. i got the 2mil

    1mil kinda thin and this stuff is expensive so u wanna have it last a while.
  10. Flat white is the best 'color' to use, as it reflects the full spectrum in a diffused manner. Keep the reflective walls as close to the foliage as possible. A circular surround is more effective than a square. Cover the surfaces below the plants with white plastic/styro plates. The space blankets make a good ceiling arched over the grow surround. They dim the escaping light, and reflect a significant amount. They are light and flimsy, and flutter in the breeze, which will prevent hot spots from developing. Good reflectivity is like getting free light! U C? eg
  11. mylar is good but over priced i think. i use black and white plastic. its black on 1 side and white on the other, it reflects 85% of the light and costs 1 english pound for 2 sq meters.

    a nice chrisp 10 pound note will do walls, floors and windows in a average size grow room with a fair bit left over for all the other little uses u may find for it.

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