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Refining Bho / Making Bho Better

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by jpblowclouds, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. So I haven't really found a post that answers my question and that would be refining or making the best of a run most consider other wise bad. Now I didn't make this myself but a friend of mine is procuring a half of some bho for myself. I have some concerns because from the image I was provided the bho looks black. You can see that there are sections outside the darker bho that seem like they're goey bong resin. I know that it's not but it just seems bad to me. He took a dab and said it was pretty smooth. I'm a skeptic and this man is a good friend of mine I just never believe anything until I myself have investigated thoroughly. The mistake was fronting him my money and coming back with what's here. I've had a recent health scare and just trying to eliminate as many solvents or left over residue that may still be in the oil. Most people say inhaling tane is very bad and toxic for you and most say that it's not, depending on the type of butane used like vector that has other ingredients in small amount they do need to be on a label. I will begin to run soon so I'd like to know what you guys would recommend. Also how you would recommend "cleaning" or "refining" bho as well as whether or not the remaining residue will be of harm if inhaled. I'm not saying I'm going to try it if it does have some cause I don't wish to do that but I'm going to try and clean it so I can give it to my younger brother to enjoy as i can't smoke lately due to spiked nerve and anxiety type of activity when I do smoke.

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  2. I'm no expert on BHO, usually stick to my ISO. That being said worst come worst you can dissolve this batch in ISO evap that off, and purge further depending on what you have available to you. Other than that there are a number of other options for cleaning it up as it were. That being said I just don't know enough about them to really give you advice on how to put it into practice. I've read about them, seen the results, but like i said no first hand knowledge.
    All that aside the BHO might not be half bad, a thick patty and a bad phone cam will make fire look like goop IME. Check it out first, if its not half bad you can further purge it, winterize it, or really start from scratch with ISO if it came to it. I'm sure there is more you can do.
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    Read up on winterizing, turning your concrete extraction into an absolute. Dissolve it into some ethanol and freeze it for 48hr to let the waxes, fats etc coagulate and then filter them out and evap/purge like qwiso.
    this should be a good start
    ethanol can be purchased here
    dont use everclear, theres sugars and spearmint oil in it.
    and tell your buddy he needs to get a clue and learn about oil making or stop all together, that looks disgusting.
  4. Yea I agree with you. He's new to the whole concentrates thing and the west coast. I'm down here in md and like to seek knowledge. Anyhow I checked out the winterization process and ill give it a try. This will remove tane and other inpurities after purging as well? im gonna use an electric pancake griddl to purge since i dont own a vac. I'm going to have someone take a test dab of this and report what they say. Hopefully it doesn't light up when it hits the nail :/. I should do that before I give them a dab actually. Skunk pharm has a picture of there refine bho I'm the middle of the thread and looks like what I have except it doesn't have that golden tint! So much info there, I was hoping I could turn this into nice shatter but I believe I read on there after heating too much, it decarboxiliates it, no longer able to shatter :(((((.
  5. Why would you need to decarb? You can purge it on pyrex on 100-120F heat. try and keep it as thin as possible. It will get rid of the tane in the purging process, yes.
  6. oh ok! i wasnt planning on it but they said that repeated heat application would cause it to decarb. maybe i read it wrong but thats the idea that i got from it. Do you think i can still make it shatter?
  7. possibly. Multiple heating of less than120F is not gonna decarb. if you were at like 180 or higher then it could.
  8. That bho your "friend" made will fuck you up. If it ain't light yellow DON'T hit it!!! Anything else is shit butane, equipment, or material

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  9. Thats not always true though. I've seen tons of blonde oils that were underpurged. Darker amber can be from length of flowering, strain, age of material, CBD content etc. Some of the more tastier oils I've had were pretty dark ;)
    Now if its green or brown, thats a bad sign lol
  10. My last batch of BHO turned out to look similar to OP's. It was terrifying to first look at, as I have never made anything less than transparent, book-read-throughable, golden errl. It was my first time doing blasting straight shake, and it turned out to appear black when on a surface. However, when held up to a light, it looks like a very beautiful amber slab. Transparent only when off surfaces. I know for a fact I purge my shit as proper as can be. I have a shattervac. Also, this was my first batch that had not shattered, instead, it's like a waxy consistency. Not too hard to work with at all, but not as easy as shatter. What I think (more or less KNOW) what happened? I make wax with my father, and he's a very impatient man. He skipped the dehydration step when preparing the material, which I tried to convince him not to do. It seemed to increase our yield about greatly by about 40%, all from skipping dehydration. so therefore, always dehydrate your shit for purity and color, otherwise it'll be populated by a lot of chlorophyll, unless you plan on being a street dealer.
  11. why are you resurrecting such an old thread with this? What are you even getting at?
  12. Didn't even notice. I looked up refining BHO and found this. Sorry, asshole.
  13. but what are you trying to say? why did you quote me? I dont quite see the point your post
  14. I did not mean to quote you, I guess.

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