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Reefer Reunion

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nate, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. I was just thinking after my post to Cowboy, I want to party out with you guys!!! I mean I LOVE my friends and buds but it would be super neat to get together.

    The First Annual Blade Brigade?

    We could pick a central locality?

    Have a 3-day bash?

    Take over the Holiday Inn?

    Have a private screening of Roach's movie?

    Do a "City Cup" and let our members showcase their goodies?

    Have a guest speaker....i.e. the Govenor?

    Grow workshops?

    A little flea market for related items like t-shirts, accessories and stuff?

    Hire a offical photograher...don't want to miss any good pics?

    Offical Blade Brigade t-shirts.....of course!

    A big dinner party on the last night with jammin bands and dj's?

    Visit with people you have only imagined about....maybe finally I will get one of those special cookies ganjaphish keeps raving about?

    MAN am I fucked up! I am ready to go...right now!
  2. Take my Resv. nate I'm there!! :hello: :smoking:
  3. ya know, i winder if it would ever happen. That would be really cool tho. We would get to meet all the people who we have grown close to. And man would we be fucked up!!!!!! whooooo!
  4. I have 2 questions.

    1) Am I invited.

    2) Can you hotbox an entire holiday inn?


  5. We could have a smoke-a-thon *lol*

    I bet I could smoke most of you under the table ;)
  6. u can count me in :)
  7. I would go. There isn't much that could keep me away! Where do we start????? What if we took over a campground somewhere? Someplace where we can go cave exploring or something? Something with lots of privacy! FUN...FUN....FUN!!!!!!:D:D:D:D

    Yeah!!!!! Let's do it!!!!!
  8. Invade Asterdam next year. Thats where this site is based. round trip air line tickets are round $700
  9. Sounds like a heller plan!!!! I could definatly go for somethin like this!!!! I just know I couldn't go the overseas trip-very limited fundage.You would have to post pictures-or maybe coinciding parties? It would be cool as hell to spark up with ya all. ~~~PARTY ON~~~
  10. We have very limited fundage too,but man it would be awesome if we could meet! I hope we do someday and I can afford it when the time comes around... As I would love to meet all of ya'all.
    And I don't know, if it is possible to hotbox an entire Holiday Inn but if there were ever a bunch of stoners to go out and do it, I am sure it would be us!
    And 420girlie, you may smoke me under the table, but I'll be under there sparking a big phat joint! :D

    A trip to Amsterdam would be cush, especially since that is where this site is based out of, but man I'd have to save! :)
  11. How about Lafitte's blacksmith shop on Good Friday at the end of bourbon street. I'll be there around 10:00 pm and all the next day. After we hook up we can go down to the cats meow and stand in front of the web cam and show the world who we are at 's bourbocam.
  12. That's the spirit guys!! I knew it would be hard to think of a central locality, having coinciding events would solve that problem. As for hotboxing a whole Holiday Inn.....that's freaking crazy funny!!!!!

    Honestly, I have been really trying to formulate a way to do this...even if it only was 20-50 people it would be a hoot. Getting people to share rides, therefore sharing expenses could work?!? Hell if it was really going to go down I would hop a greyhound for $59!

    I am going to keep my brain working on this, God helps those who help themselves!!

    BPP!! I hear ya on Lafitte's!! Got the time and the where the hawaiian shirt and the cowboy hat! LOL!! I don't want to miss you and Mrs. Puff!! If the old man has to work...I'll bring a buddy and my CAMERA!!
  13. I know I said I was coming to the big easy next week but Momma Puff said she needed a chill-out vacation and not a party vacation. Work and general stress has got her down now so she now has a different plan for next week.

    But we are going down to NO for the Easter weekend, no kids, no tag-a-longs. just me and momma and party supplies. I don't know when we will hit town but it will probably be late friday night. Then just as soon as I find a parking spot in the quarters and get unloaded i'll be hitting the street. C'ya there

    I am expecting to see you and the saxman on this trip.

  14. I can totally picture that ;) A little blond hippie crouched under the table, sparking a joint, trying to be inconspicuous so she doesn't have to share *lol*
  15. LOL oh don't get me wrong I'd share! I just probably wouldn't be able to move from my spot! :) If you don't mind starin at the gum stuck under the table and ramblin' with me you can definitely join in :D
    BTW if ya'all ever think about hitting up Northern California, let us know!
  16. Places fun to go-
    New Orleans, big party town
    Denver, Ken Gorman (governor) has a get together every year, has one coming up too.
  17. Lookin' forward ta seein' you in the Quarter BPP, nate are you gonna meet us? All the rest will just have ta come to Nawlin's or WISH they could LOL! We'll just have to party enough for them too!![​IMG]
  18. I was waiting for ya to see that Cowboy!! I am only 45 mins away. If I don't go I will regret it. I was worried my BF would have to work but if your getting in around 10PM BPP, that will work out well for us.

    Cowboy? Do you have any idea about your travel plans, cause I do not know your location. If you are gonna arrive earlier, we can still meet at Lafittes and then circle back to get BPP?

    I am excited-nervous! Ya know? Got a little over 2 weeks to get party supplies and some $$.
  19. If friday is not good, we could do it on Saturday?
  20. Ha Ha! It's YOUR vacation BPP! Anyday is a good day for the quarter. I just didn't want to leave the old man behind. I got a backup buddy just in case.

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