Reefer Madness!!

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  1. Ok so im watchin this movie for the first time, and i would have to say that it is the most biased, over exaggerated, piece of shit i have ever seen... :D Thats all. Old news, yeah i know.
  2. I agree with the above.
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    You also have to take into account that it was made over 70 years ago, when people barely knew anything about grass, much less anything else for that matter....
  4. Thank you Captain dickhead.
  5. HAHA thats funny shit +rep
  6. hahahaha nice one blutteufel.
  7. I watched some of that movie, as well as a lot of other ads/movies/commercials from that time in my Drugs and Society class.

    Crazy, crazy stuff they tried to get across.. we just fined the more toned down versions today.
  8. i thought it was funny as shit lol
  9. People from the 1850's are better informed on the truths of marijuana than society today.
  10. Hey captain Dickhead, that comment wasnt very nice.

    ah fuck now IM the dick head.

    thanks alot dick head.

    Yeah that movies not true by the way:wave:
  11. Haha I watched it last week. I wish there was a house I could go to where they just hand you a joint and a woman.
  12. ^
    Amsterdam's Red Light District.

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