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  1. ok get this...this newish kinda kid in my school was sellin bud finally and i was over another friends house when my buddy next to me gets a call from another 1 of his friends sayin the kid is selling 1/2 O's for $180....i was like r u shitting me....then today i asked the kid if i can mayb get shit and hes like $20 a gram...

    he claims its really good so me and my friend are gonna check it out...if its like the bombest shit ive seen ill buy it probly...but if not and looks weird...i post back and tell u how much of a tard this kid is
  2. Yup, call that bitch up and we'll go see what hes got, I'd laugh my ass of if its schwag, stupid Nick Bassi.
  3. I can't stand the high school dealers at my school who sell "dank'' for 20 a gram. I'm sure you can find dank alot easier for cheaper.
  4. well, if he is new, he probably doesnt have any great hook ups...he probably bought the same shit you normally buy, and jacked up the price.
  5. around here (look at avatar) $20 a gram for dank is standard.
  6. hahaha let us know how the bud is guys im gonna laigh 2 if its shitty schawg and he thinks its dank as fuck i hate how ppl always think they have the best weed and its always like low grade mids.
  7. Even on the streets in Cali, $20 a gram is the going rate.

    I once had a new kid try to sell me 3 grams for $100 and said it was "Purple Haze." Needless to say I didn't take the deal. Ends up the idiot tried to sell to a undercover police officer as well. I then met another dealer who said he knew the kid who got arrested and sold me 3 grams for $35.
  8. I usually get higher quality hydro grown. It usually runs me 40 an eighth. Light green, covered in crystals. It usually is really fluffy, and cured perfectly. I sometimes think that my dealer grows, because he has this stuff on the reg. But he denies it.
  9. 20 a gram isnt too bad but make sure it is a nice nug...........i can get dank grams for 10 so try and look around for a better connect
  10. Same here (FL).. and $175-200 is about the price for a half O of dank around here too
  11. Man. I would hate to have to pay that much. Try becoming really good friends with your dealer. That worked for me. Shane actually is a pretty cool guy, and not just because he has the green.
  12. yeah hes just some random kid we know. Otherwise its $10 a gram for some pretty good bud.
  13. We use ta sell oregano to da yunga kids in high skool for $25 :p and sell Laxative tablets tellin them they're eckies...Made a shitload of money.
  14. ^ thats really shitty man. How would you like it if you were thinking your getting a sweet hookup, but in all acutality your going to have to take a bunch of Monster SHITS!
  15. 20 a gram 60 an 8th and 200 a 1/2 ounce is the goin rate where im at
  16. $25 for 2 grams over here but i dont think we have good weed in aus...haha......and 250 are our OZ prices
  17. if you average it out, its about $12/gram here. but i can pick up a dime (1.75g at the minimum, lately its been 2.2g) for $20-$25

    at my school its all about loyalty to the dealers, i bought a 7g nug for $75 the other day, resold it as a quarter oz for $100.
  18. me and my buddy, were lookin to score an OZ and he told us 70 each, and it was one of my real good buddys

    we were thinking it was 70 for a 1/2, but it was 70 for a WHOLE OZ!

    It was effin excellent bud too

    so crystalized...

    this kid usually has AK's but this is just mids, but probably the best mids you can get around here
  19. my dealer usually hooks 200 dollar zips but do to recent inflation of prices its up to close to 250 and its kind of pissing me off... None the less this thread is starting to make me feel very fortunate...hope that shit is disgustingly dank for that price man

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