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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by GroTrees, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. im growing morning glories and some of the stems are turning a deep redish purple, i dont kno what the ph is but i really doubt thats the problem, also i kno the roots are prolly cramped would this cause the redness?
  2. The reddness in the stem is a sign in light change and normally means your plant is starting try and bud. iyts not hard to stop it but your cant really get ride if it. At least not that I know of. but I would increase the light or light closeness and I belive that should do it.
  3. If it's root bound it might have used most of the nutrients from the soil or could be low temps, Just thought i would chuck some ideas in lol.

    It might even be normal i have no idea i've not grown morning glories before
  4. sup? yeah i would prolly say its normal...i have never grown on my own but have seen a few other's and some had purple on the stem...i have never seen red so-thats just wat i would tell ya...might not help but i'd say ur plant is fine
  5. Wow....Can you get a load of those guys above,,....! the red of your plant is Anthocyanin (k) or common food coloring, is more pronounced now due to cooler temps at night and higher during the day, see it as a build up of (K) which is an immobile element, compared to (N), in about 8 years time ....most modern strains of Cannabis will be showing this trait, and it will very shortly considered 'normal' so either ignore it or get your temps. under control

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