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  1. So I just got a total RED led light. I have had my plants in flowering now for about 2 weeks and was going to put the led on them. Do I need to have blue light still in this stage or can I just use the red led light? I am new to this led light system and dont really understand it completely. I know the red light is for the budding/flowering and the blue/white gives the growth what it needs. So if im not trying to get them any bigger just have the buds grow, can I just get rid of my other lights and use the red?
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    What exact light do you have?
    If its not made for growing then it doesn't matter what color they physically are. Its all about spectrum
    But in general flowering does use more light in the red spectrum but u will still want some blue because led lights do not have very good spectrum coverage.
    Most grow lights mix multiple led's to get more effective light.
    I say good luck with your led grow.

    Either way you will end up with that light on Craig's list soon. (Not trying to b an ass but i just hope you move onto hids they will give you much better results)
    Led lights may be the future but right now they are not energy efficient at the ammount you need to grow something half decent.

    I also notice you are doing supplemental lighting with it. What are your main lights now?
    If you don't run a hid then you need to invest in that before you try supplement lighting you may not even need a $300+ led light if you spend 150-200 on even a 400w hps. And IT WILL save you electricity believe it or not. (Led's for growing use at least 9w per each led. X that by 100+ led's on that panel plus the cooling fans 3w apiece and you are using more power then a hid and have less efficient lighting)
  3. Hello I ain't never seen a 900w led light. they do not use 9w a led where did you get ur info? Im not saying led's are perfect but they will never use more electricity then a comparable hid if you go by wattage.
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    Sry I ment 3w but still I'm just saying that still right now hids will outperform. Led's are great for veg but flowering not as much because the way the light is spread. Like fluorescent tubes the light may total 20000Lumens but that is equally divided across a 4'x2' bulb array. So if you have 1 plant per sq ft each plant will only receive maybe 5000 lumens. Hids with a correct reflector may not all be direct light but each plant will get well over 20000 lumens from 1mh.(if we are equalling total lumen output per fixture) led's will do better than 5000 but no where near 20000 each plant
    And I know if you do the math led's and hids cost about the same to run for a year counting initial purchase. Hids will give you a better turn around in that time making it far more valuable.
    But if you dont have the space or you can't controll the heat then led's are good.

    Lastly at least invest in a 500+w led system if you do it will be a tremendous difference from the low Watt models and you can just run that alone.
  5. how did ur grow turn out i was thinking of doing the same thing the only dude who replied doesnt understand what its like to not have money

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