red hairs..

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. so what r they .. they contain thc? nething? im sittin here lookin at my hairy bud thinkin .. hm ill pik all of them all and smoke a bowl solo of red hairs .. its gonan be crazy ill tell you guys how it is :)
  2. Let us know how that goes.
  3. defiently man .. i got a nice pile growing of hairs .. :)
  4. well.. ill be back in about 5 / 10 mins (between) to tell u results .. woot got a FULL bowl pack might actuly smoke for a while hehe
  5. hairs burn fast man. Just torch the whole bowl, and prepare for some good stonage. I dont know for a fact that the hairs have THC or not, but they do have Trichomes on 'em, and those are pretty much crystallized cannabinoids
  6. w/e that means sounds tight :p sorry got sidetracked on my way RIGHT NOW
  7. dude.. was like :):smoking::p:eek::smoke::hello: hahha.. damn u guys gotta do it .. 5 hits lasted .. was just wow .. and its just gettin better n joke

    add (didnt wanna keep making new posts..) .. its intence
  8. Hey,

    So you really got high just from the red hairs? That's awesome. I always heard and assumed that the actual hairs had no THC so it would be wasteful. Peace.

  9. idk it might be in the mind and case i smoked a blunt of the stuff earlier .. but im feelin better than before .. id say its worth a try .. and if ne1 decides to do it try to do it sober so u can actully tell :p
  10. if you havent done it smoke a bowl of hairs it a very nice high and a quality smoke you can barley feel it but pput some bud at the bottom of the bowl for to help it burn better
  11. heh he knows wahts up :p
  12. the hairs DO contain THC. lmao.
  13. If you have the patience for this, save enough hairs for a joint, and get LIFTED.
  14. i kno i was onna but didnt wanna wait had the bowl right there and was like fuck nuff for joint :p

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