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red hairs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by curtis, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. what do the red hairs actually do?
  2. ya man thats pretty funny...but seeing as were on a forum dedicated to marijuana i thought that you would know what im talking about.. and if you still dont im talking about the red hairs you find in BUdd. is there anything special about them?
  3. crystally goodness......the more frosted the better..... but hairs can be a sign of at least somewhat decent budd...
  4. plus when your growing, when 90% of the pistils are red its harvest time:D
  5. ya,got to love the red heads...
  6. if your bud is covererd in red hair, you atleast know your gonna get high
  7. i dunno, ive never seen red, ive seen purple n some other colors, but never plain red
  8. Red hairs mean you have to come to my place and roll a joint. :)

    ...and don't worry, I've got the papers.
  9. Didja wanna know what they do for the plant? If so... they are sticky and when pollen comes floating by from a male, it lands on the hairs and that's what pollenates the plant. For smoking, though, you don't want them to pollinate. :)
  10. your not gonna do the whole cropt right? just like one plant shoud be plenty.

    i almost never see red actully, orange, yelloew, purple, white ive scene but realy red is not comon. what ever rule of thumb, the more the better
  11. i usually have red hairs..gotten orange hairs too..both are nice
  12. whenever my mate gets to amsterdam, he jumps of the plane and just to get settled in, rolls a spliff of *only* the orange hairs from his first bag of Orange Bud... cool tradition ;)

  13. Around where I live we tend to get orange hairs a lot. Sometimes I see the occasional reddish orange though. Great reefer either way.

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