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Red Eyes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XiaoGG, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. I dont get red eyes unless I cough, I can smoke a couple grams in a night and my eyes stay clear, the rest of me looks stoned as fuck though lol.

    Anyone else the same?
  2. Nobody ever says my eyes are red and I've never caught myself with them before. Unless I roll some shitty mids.
  3. My eyes only ever seem to go red when I have to act sober somewhere, and then they're like fucking pure red. Can't get eyedrops around here either.
  4. If i take a hit off my mflb my eyes get red.
  5. My eyes usually only get red as fuck when it's dark out.
  6. My eyes get red as fuck whether I take one hit or smoke 3 blunts. If I need to (work, class, etc.) I just throw eye drops in.
  7. Shit I have a glass eye and if I cough hard enough that bitch will pop right out
  8. My eyes don't get red but they get that droopy, Jim Brewer look. Lol. I would rather then be red because at least drops help that. They don't take the the fucked up look out. Lol.
  9. rhotos always in the backpack!
  10. My eyes are always getting red as fuck, so I ALWAYS have some Visine in my pocket lol. As bad as mine get, they arent as bad as my buddy though. I swear after his 1st hoot his eyes are straight bloodshot.

  11. That's how mine are. Even if I only smoke a little bit, it looks like someone took a dark red marker and colored in my scleras. Shit's crazy.
  12. Your eyes are red, even when you think they are not. Usually people can tell I'm stoned not because I have red eyes (which can be caused by any number of things so I don't buy eye drops), but it's because my eyes are droopy, and I talk in slow drawn out sentences.

    I don't use eye drops either, because they make your eyes look abnormally white.
  13. my eyes get suuuper red, depends on how high I get though. If I smoke a joint, you usually can't tell. However, if I take a decent bong hit, oh lordy lord, eyes redder than the devils dick

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