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Red Eyes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by cheebasmoke, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. Ive been smokin for a year and a half now sometimes everyday. I always get extemely bad red eyes every single time i smoke. Other ppl tell me their eyes dont get red at all. How about all of u...how red do your eyes get?
  2. I get extremely red eyes. I am also allergic to pollen thoguh, I'm sure that doesn't help. I have been a consistent smoker for over 6 years and they still get red everytime. Eyedrops can usually fix that pretty quick though. Thanks.

  3. I get some red ass eyes. I don't really care though; they've pretty much been red half of my life so I'm used to it but people who don't know me ALWAYS have to say something about it. I was shopping the other day and the chick at the checkout told me that I had really pretty blue eyes but that I must have allergies cause they were all red and shit......I told her nope, that I was just really high. She kind of looked at me and said "Ohhh!" It was funny....she gave me that 'you're a pothead!' look!!!!!

    I hate using eye drops.....HATE IT!!!! I usually use Clear Eyes if I really need them.......but I found something the other day called Mini-Drops Eye Therapy....they are single-use eye droppers and it feels kind of nice when you drop them in your eyes! Thought I'd share my discovery.
  4. i have really bad allegies too. so half the time my eyes are already battling something then the next thing you know, i'm choking so hard i cough tirelessly. as you can imagen, my eyes look like ren from ren and stimpy. but eye drops make me paranoid because i wonder, "are my eyes TOO white now?". Damn thats why i just stay home... damn, my J's almost out... gotta go!
  5. I have no allergies at all , but when I puff like 2 or 3 joints my eyes are red all over :) !
  6. OH GOD. my eyes with or without visine/clear eyes etc...get EXTREMELY red. its almost impossible to go anywhere with out sunglasses on cause everyone does a double take on me. its ridiculous. so now even when its kind of dark I where sunglasses. it actually became a habit and sometimes get called out for wearing them inside..but my eyes get sooo red..Ive been smoking for about 7 years and not any better than the first day I smoked.
  7. Red...oh god my eyes get so red but i guess my eye's are always red i always blame it on my contacts...i say i slept with them in or something like that...lol
  8. i usually just chill with a bottle of generic 'clear eyes' after realizing that the $2 bottle of generic works just as well as the $7 bottle of actual clear eyes, plus that extra 5 dollar is put to some good use, like ummm.... weed. after 4 bottles i saved 20 bucks, and can get some smoke, which is totally killer

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