Red Eye Flights: International Tales Of A Smoker

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    Hey all,
    I am relatively new to Grass City Forums, although I have been here many times before for resources. Long before I ever was interested in growing (it's not like we all immediately planned to anyways). I used sites such as Grass City and others to get ideas of how to find people of green thumb along my journeys, on the road, in the air, or at sea.

    Being that I have recently registered to this site, I have to come to feel welcome here and would like to fit in my own way. Like you, I love my plant. What better way to experience the full recreational and reflective properties of such, other than through using it to see the world through. Now of course, to be able to arrive in virtually any part of the world and being able to find the right people is a list of tales within itself. To be able to witness and absorb the scenery, setting, and at times culture of one's surroundings, I consider a hell of an experience, and a blessed privilege.

    Smoking a blunt, amidst an ocean-view off the cascading cliff resorts in Cabos San Lucas.

    Rolling joints and running through Europe, the differences and similarities of smokers between nations.

    Smoking, Afghan Kush... Not because that's the name, but because these are the Hindu Kush Mountains and we're in Afghan.

    The fresh wild outdoors of the Frontier, loving America's home-grown coast-to-coast. Including The beautiful Hawaiian Islands and the formidable yet picturesque Alaskan mountainscape.

    If anyone would care to add stories of their own, please find it within yourself to share. There might just be others that really enjoy the insight and information, to get in, get up, and get out. As I am going to be on this site more these days, due to my own germinating interests in growing and cultivation, I would like to vegetatively linger here in these threads on my spare time, and yield some valuable insight and knowledge in the meanwhile.

    Looking forward to writing and reading past tales of you nomadic smokers, looking forward to stories. In the meanwhile, I will recall.
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    So is this a journal of you traveling around the world and smoking? If it is thats awesome and im subbed. If its not im still subbed lol.
    And awesome avatar man. I love pits, sweetest dogs ever.
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    While I am still fresh on the topic, I would like to mention the places that it was the easiest to find proper buds. Of top of my list in America, Alaska easily took the cake. All in all, merely 45 minutes. Thats from arriving in Alaska, orientating myself and looking for my hotel.

    I had spent the night in Seattle, due to my missed flight to Fairbanks earlier that day. I wish it had been a more interesting tale, but it wasn't I merely, just hopped on a plane from the Southeast to the Northwest and fell asleep during a long layover at SEA-TAC Intl. I was at the correct gate hours prior, however during my nap (on the airport floor) the gate was reassigned and I hadn't noticed it, until it was too late.

    I have been to Seattle before and have plenty of great times to share, but this one evening I was only a transient. Up and super-aware of my itinerary the following day, I had been added a layover in Anchorage, AK in further results of my gate-way slumber. To Anchorage, I wander in the airport determined not to nap until I reach my final destination. Man, I wish I had a smoke. At this time, cigarettes were of no interest to me, and what for? In America you can find proper trees anywhere, especially since the quality has skyrocketed due to individuals taking it upon themselves to learn more about it.

    I had initially thought, "Wow two weeks in Alaska, without a stitch of MaryJane." No big deal, but like most peoples' opinion here, it'd be nice to have one. Especially just coming back from the Hawaiian Islands and Experiencing Pineapple Chunk, and Maui Wowie for a previous three weeks.

    Leaving Anchorage in a considerably smaller plane than arriving there on, we spin up in a smaller dual rotor-prop CRP. That required the blades to clutch the plane's power-up. Immediately, I figured where I was going was about as remote as I would be venturing off on this trip.
    Lnading into Fairbanks, I was welcomed in by two stuffed massive scary bears. One as of Polar/Klondike and the other of a dark Grizzly variation. Before even landing, the mountains demand your attention from the sky, but seeing them in the distance from the ground level just made me realize how commanding they really are in perspective.

    Got in, got the rental, nothing special but a modest Chevrolet with GPS. I didn't know what to be prepared for, but i figured it couldn't hurt to have an idea how to drive around. I have 2 friends that live here, but to my knowledge they don't partake in the green activities and have settled down to family lives. My laid back approach immediately is interrupted by reading, that medical marijuana is allowed. Within moments I am on my usual route to find my hotel, and what do I pass? A head-shop... basically my way-port of the world. Along with so many other spots that I determine myself to visit along the way.

    I can see that theres a smoker's culture here... I mean why not? Its cold-ass winter up here for months at a time... If thats not enough to keep you inside, the winter is accompanied by 20 hours of night, while never achieving past dawn in it's light. I still have yet to witness this much, I was luckily enough to be there during the summer, June if I recall correctly. I couldn't imagine such a winter, it was brisk in the evenings already and the reciprocating 20 hours of light in the day time, still has its effect on a non-aware tourist as myself.

    I get contact with a guy that knows a guy within moments of walking out of this headshop... whats even better is all wanted in the first place was a blunt-wrap. 30 minutes later I had a 1/2 ounce of Alaskan Native Herb. The name escapes me, A. i didn't care, B. This was before I gave into naming, I was more just on gamble. C. Hard to really know what names are real these days. Either way, it was fresh, greeen, and in my hands.

    Blunts and Papers, I'd roll one up and be on my way. Meeting friends in Fairbanks was similar to going to a small town in Upstate NY, however, the buildings are relatively small and shed-like. Apparently this is because the ground remains too cold to properly excavate for just any project. After having dinner and some rounds at one of the down-town, fancier restaurant bars. I concluded my conversation with my long time friend when we served together in South Korea. He's taking quite finely to the area. As an electrician, then in training. He took home still close to $100k a year. That alone was enough to keep him there, as well as his wife which was an Alaskan Native, even though they had met in the Mainland. Secretly he shares that the weather he could do without. Ha! I could only imagine. As he explains how engine blocks can crack when cranked up without keeping them plugged in. Many public parking spots have electrical outlets posts included in the parking lot as all cars seem to have an electrical cord with a plug nestled in the grills of their vehicles.

    I head out to return to residence and to test this local grown, it appears to have been a outside grow, due to its bushiness. Or thats my assessment anyways. Its probably about 11pm. Its still looking like 3pm, I am for a moment interested in going on a further look for the happing places around the area... but I remind myself, though it looks like early afternoon, its not... its damn near midnight.

    Parking my car, I see Ravens perched the street lights... At first I thought they were crows (all i have ever seen as a black bird) until this point. I see them up close and they are huge. I feed them some locally bought beef-jerky ( another one of my Travel vices). They are going crazy for it, but for the time and the menacing nature of 5 ravens competing over beef slices, I retire to smoke a L and call it a day.

    The sloppy wraps made for poor blunt rolling, I am used to using cigar shells, the unidentifiable material known as the "blunt wrap" reminds me of a massive joint, except annoyingly weaker when trying to roll in Joint fashion. Anyways, I roll it to its best ability or my own.

    The smoke is immediately earthy, maybe because of the ashy inhale of smoking blunts in the first place, but in contrast to the blueberry flavored wrap, I can taste the menthol, almost pine tree taste of the soil. Not bad at all, I was almost skeptic, because the quality at a view seemed much less desirable when compared to the highly manicured buds of California, Amsterdam, and Colorado. But this was gonna be rolled up regardless. :)

    To my credit, I took this local variety and continued into the wilderness, as far as I would go anyways. Into the Denali National Park I went... Merely driving around and taking views in while walking off (but not too far) the main roads. Here's a land that humans don't dominate as the top of the food chain, as in my stoner-safety intuition, why challenge it?

    The mountains go on as far as I can see, while I am surprised at the trees (real trees) they are all haggard looking. But to withstand Alaska is to be the toughest of the tough, even as a human in a town... I guess if one isn't careful, they nature could weather anything down.

    Waterfalls, hawks flying, picturesque mountains, native Alaskan gift shop, and a random perverse themed diner (oddly a tourist attraction) Called Skinny Dick's gave me enough to venture off into a stoners' focus. I could so see myself, renting a mountain cabin in these scarcely populated tourist regions and smoke this minty weed while looking at the wilderness around me with loved ones. But not this trip... off to seek the nightlife... Eh, not so enthused. Definitely a place of great reflection to nature and humbling at the same time.

    The quality of the land and the weed was formidable, while making me cough... The weed was a nice balance of thought driving, with the mellowing ease of taking it easy. I would love to return, with enough weed in hand and time to take all of my out-door interests, fishing and white water rapids... But I am too domesticated to go hunt, especially in Alaska haha. I think 4-wheeling would be an awesome tours to take... Next time for sure... With more friends to come with me.

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  4. Nice pics, it looks beautiful. I wish I could travel like that so frequently. I envy you.

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