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Red Dead Redemption

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by redhat11, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Ohhhhhh yeah, can't wait - loved the first one

    [ame=]YouTube - Red Dead Redemption: Gameplay Video - Life in the West - Part 2 (HD 720p)[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Red Dead Redemption - Multiplayer Trailer[/ame]
  2. YES. i didn't buy splinter cell just for this. actually i didn't buy any games because I'm saving for this one. I cannot wait to lasso someone and drag them with my horse.
  3. I want to be brawling in a barn on the second level, grab my lasso, wrap it around my enemies neck, shoot the boards from under him and hang him high.

    That, would be fucking Epic. This game looks incredible, I can't wait. I've been waiting for a video game to give me the jitters again, and here comes this bad boy. I haven't been pumped like this since GTA IV... Let's go Red Dead.
  4. I was a huge Red Dead Revolver fan and a huge Gun fan.

    I'm about to cum...
  5. someone make a social group quick.
  6. The multiplayer is gonna be kickass
  7. how is it gonna be played? im psyched for the single player lol
  8. grasscity posse ftw
  9. A grasscity posse would be beyond epic. The wait for this game is literally killing me
  10. I'm disappointed that red dead redemption is not coming to pc. :/
  11. i cant fucking wait! like the dude above me a bit said, i didnt buy splinter cell for this. do you know how fucking awesome it will be? riding around on donkeys, pillaging villages, robbing trains, hanging out in saloons, ALL with your buddies through xbox live? shit...
  12. To be all honestly, I don't want shell out another 50 dollars for one year of online 'service' due to circumstance of bad economy. I changed my gaming to pc because I know it'll benefit me for long run; able to play 10 years old game unlike where consoles never happen to be 100 percent true backwards compatibility. But now these days are changing.

    I'll might just get it along with xboxlive service just because halo reach beta is coming soon. I need to get my hands on that. Halogasm
  13. that game is gonna be sick!!!
    i want it

    but my xbox wont read my discs:(
  14. if anyone has a ps3 ive got my copy down :D

  15. lmao i donno about badass

    "guitarist:....yall wanna go kill some people."
    "deadtrend:uhhhhh......let me hit this real quik then well go*bubbling in background*"
    "guitarist:eek:k lets go"
    "deadtrend6:but my legs dont work!?!?! o_O"
  16. Lol yeah that's definitely a possibility, but just imagine how legendary we'll be: 8 soldiers, fearlessly treading across the brutal southwestern deserts, braving bandits and fierce wildlife, boldly giggling and stumbling over all that dares cross our path :smoking:

  17. And then some asshole rides past you swinging his lasso which catches around your neck and take you for a ride.

    Still Epic tho.
  18. It'll most likely come to the PC...probably like six months after the game releases on consoles.
  19. :hello: i'll be picking it up on the release date. i'd love to start a posse with some of you.
  20. haha fuck yeah

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