Red Dead Redemption 2

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by MikeyMike87, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Caught this sweet ass sturgeon earlier
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  2. List of Banned words in Red Dead 2
    You just gotta ask Why..?


    good luck with this
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  3. @vostok

    Not sure what your post means... you have a option to name your horse in game so that's got to be the reason
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  4. It wouldn’t let me name my horse Bootin’ Scootin’ and it’s not even on that list :(
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  5. I was so fucking pissed when I tried naming my horse "Whores"

    This was about 30 seconds after I stabbed a guy in the gut when he was getting rough with an actual whore
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  6. How far into the game is everyone?? I'm just near the end of chapter 5
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  7. Lmao I was knocking out random dudes & throwing them in a lake, I killed 1 women & suddenly everyone in the town turned on me.. there's no logic in it lmaoo
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  8. I hit the perfect kick to some random women as she fell lmao
  9. [​IMG]
    Trashed it back to Green Hell sitting in the jungle picking out worms with my trusty 'boner needle'

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  10. Towards the end of chapter 2. I'm taking my time, trying to get the master hunter and sharpshooter challenges
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  11. Damn there's a hot air balloon you can ride in the game hell yeah
  12. Come on bro it's the Wild West, chivalry isn't dead yet
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  13. its also the WiLD Ea$T
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  14. Completed the story you get to play as John Marston once you've completed it hell yeah
  15. Been playing this shit like an addict. I’ve had so much fun just walking around to woods hunting and fishing, so relaxing. That alone has been glorious, let alone the rest of this huge game. Detail is amazing graphics amazing gameplay amazing. Can only imagine what online will be like. Love this title, must have for any true gamer, solid investment even at full price. Loving it.

    Good job on that spoiler warning ‍♂️
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  16. Wasn't really a spoiler lol if I was to tell you why you play as him that'd be a spoiler :laughing::laughing:
  17. So far I am still only on chapter 2. Instead of playing the actual game missions, I have been riding around and opening up the map, hunting, and finding a couple of gold bars. I hijacked a train and just drove it around the tracks to open up new areas of the map, which evidently causes you to be wanted in multiple areas. On the downside, I have killed multiple horses and had a few hundred dollars taken from be by accidentally walking into bad situations lol. Over all the game is a blast and in my opinion, Rockstar has once again created a game that will help to define the open world genre.
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