Red Dead Redemption 2

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by MikeyMike87, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Noticed no RDR2 thread. Any other blades out that excited about the upcoming release. Just gonna immerse myself in single player.

    Apparently going to be Red Dead Online as well. Not really counting on it just because of GTA online. But definitely will give it a try.
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    Game should be pretty dope I just hope they don't make the online like GTA where it's all about Rockstar making more money via shark cards & making stuff stupidly expensive...
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  3. I’m cautiously excited
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  4. Might be a reason to get a ps4. I've heard there's fully animated horse balls. Whoever wrote that code most be a wreck know. Can't be healthy to think about horse testicles for that long
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  5. Lmfaooo get a PS4 fuck Xbox!!:laughing::laughing:
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  6. The English language hasn't evolved to the point where we have words to describe how excited I am for red dead redemption 2
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  7. I'm gonna get whichever I get cheaper. Or neither I'm notoriously poor
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  8. I think that the monetary system in Red Dead 2 is going to be pretty much exactly like the one in GTA. Scale will likely be different but the base system will be the same. Rock Star has made a fortune on shark card sales yet not hurt game sales at all. Without a significant decline in card or games sales on the now five year old gta they just dont have any reason to believe that they need a major change to the system. I agree that the gta pricing on items compared to earnings is crazy but they have made it work.

    Personally, I think that modern games, particularly those in an online format, have to have some way to maintain revenue beyond initial games sales. While the GTA system has it's flaws I don't find it any worse than the loot box or paid expansion revenue streams. At least with GTA we can play all of the dlc without spending cash if we choose to do so.
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  10. Even better use a high end PC vs being limited by a plastic box that can’t be upgraded like a PC can...

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    Going to pre order Red Dead 2 once PayPal stops holding my money lol
  12. Hell naw there's not any exclusive to PC games that would make me switch lol
  13. I’m biased towards PC and for a long time now - but with good solid reasons imo.

    Actually - the first I ever played was when I was 8 and my dad brought home an Atari “Pong” game system lol - that was in the early 1970s .

    In the late1980s my older brother who was into computer at the ime got me Interested in them as well and I learned how to dismantle (that’s the easy part LOL) and to rebuild them in soon build my own.

    Nothing about computers and video games is there it’s pretty easy to have a much much faster system with a whole lot more storage than a console system. You also don’t need a physical game that has the potential to get lost/broken/cracked/damaged. You’re able to dedicate a whole lot more video RAM And inevitably end up with much more detailed graphics. Now I can be quite a bit more expensive than a console though so there is there to take into consideration.

    I had a Nintendo system in a Nintendo 64 back in the day and I did like them but if I ever had a choice, and they do I would always go with the PC for gaming .

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  14. I've had most of the consoles from when I was 3/4 lol I wish I still had them all they'd probably be worth £1000+ for them all lol

    N64 was amazing some of the best games ever was on that console dude
  15. RDR2 thread folks. Please dont go off topic...
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  16. Seriously lol. Fuck microsoft, and fuck sony both, but that isnt going to stop me from playing a game ive been anticipating for a couple years now!! Might even buy myself online so I can join others. Never played a game online before XD
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  17. From the trailers this is going to be an amazing and immersive game. Got my preorder in and just waiting on the drop date now.
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  18. you dont have to "buy online". it comes with the regular game at no extra cost. same with virtually every game that has online lol.
  19. How is the actual player-controlled action in this game?

    I appreciate the physics involved in GTA 5, as it allows the player a sense of control and experiencing the world.

    RDR seems like a beautiful looking game, but it all seems like scripted-beautiful (cut scenes, fancy environments, etc).

    Are there any bad ass things the player can actually do, or it all scenery and talking to NPCs?

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