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Red Crack!?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by lXtreeml, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. I started a new grow recently, and one of my strains of choice was OG Kush Plant 18-which is a bigger, more sour version of reserva privada's OG Kush. Since from what I can remember Green Crack is (OG Kush x Sour Diesel) so I had an idea. I decided I would like to make a variant of this strain by using another diesel and breeding it with OGKP18. The diesel strain I'm interested in using would be G-13 RAW Diesel. My plan was to use colloidal silver on OGKP18 for some feminized pollen and put it on the buds of the RD and grow the batch of seeds for a stable hybrid. In theory this should bring down plant 18's flowering time a few days and I should have my new strain. Any thoughts? has this been done?
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    breeding is not like cooking, You can't add a little here and dash there. be cool if it were though :smoke:.

    you will get some that do flower quicker .and some that do not.

    you then take the ones that do as you wish ..and work with them for a few generations, and then back-cross. that gives you a new strain, till then you just got some "pollen tossed cross". not that an awesome cut cannot be found in that first "tossed" cross , but it is not really a strain you've stabilized per say. not to deter ..just sayin :)

    This is all assuming you have solid(non-hermaphroditic) females for the S1. gonna want to be growing out at least a dozen of each, probably more, if you don't have the moms.

    there is this one other thing about your plan...........Green Crack Cannabis Sativa|Medical Green Crack Cannabis Sativa


    EDIT: I guess I am kinda being a bit of a deterrent :eek: . what I'm trying to say is.. if you think the cross is worthy go for it. Just be aware of what you are doing before you start for best results.

    trust me man ..if the grass is good enough it will get it's own cool name.
  3. While this wouldn't stop me.. it could be time consuming. I look forward to giving breeding a try in the future, I hope i get more people like you who are informative as well as reassuring. thanks for the info.
  4. As wharfrat said, its about the numbers, picking the ones that have desirable phenos, then working with them.
    It will be time consuming, but the cannabis holding the seed can also be used for bubble-medicine, time aint wasted:)
    Heres a for instance. Friends at the collective germinated a buncha beans includin 36 superskunks. clones were taken before flower. Out of all the males, one stood out as being extremely lemony and stinky, and its clone, superskunk #14, is alive and well, and clones were taken last night.
    The superskunks with the sickest phenos were noted, as well as the other plants of certain strains. The selection is almost complete, and when they are ready, there will be 2 clones of each desireable plant in the breeding room, and the male will open pollinate. (Definitely no colloidial silver here, as they are all organic). Upon maturing and sorting, These seeds will be grown out and cloned, and the sickest ones out of the bunch will be crossed back to the superskunk male clones. This is an early(er) maturing strain, and that is one of the goals at the collective(the other main one being pain relieving).
    Then...each of the strains will be worked with somewhere else, only in winter and spring so as not to possibly fuck anothers guerrilla venture up.
    Also, if you want to make fems, why dont ya wait until you have it stabilized. I think in 3 generations you may have a pretty uniform crop come up, fem the sickedst one of them
    Peace, let us know how it turns out

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