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Red Bull And Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by treeisformee, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. so i am planning on smoking a heavy indica in a couple hours and i dont want to fall asleep. i want to stay up and play xbox or watch a movie or something. and i was wondering that maybe i should drink a red bull to stay awake. will it kill my buzz or while it keep me awake?

  2. Depends how sensitive you are to energy drinks (I think). I can handle caffeine pretty well, and an energy drink (more than likely it's coffee) accentuates the high by giving me a bit of energy. Some people says it kills it, for me it doesn't. Try it out and see for yourself.
  3. Red Bull is a stimulant just like the others.  Personally I would go with Stackers though if you want caffeine-based stimulants.  They're cheaper and work better in my experience.  I used to down a pack a night when I worked night-shift at Wal-Mart to keep me awake all night.
  4. I love drinking coffee or a red bull when I smoke. Weed doesn't make me sleepy, but I get lazy as fuck. Some caffeine helps deter the laziness
  5. thats called a hippy speedball
  6. if you're susceptible to paranoia while high the caffeine will aggravate it, other than that, go for it.
  7. no it wont be a problem it is like coke n weed itll knock you out and keep you going at the same time
    redbull just makes you normal but you still feel high  its amazing you dont look or seem to feel high but you can feel the high im not kidding its the best so yeah id say drink up!
  8. caffeine and weed is a pretty good combo man; don't overthink it just do it; not like you're going to OD because you smoked with a red bull lol

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