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Red Bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GolgiApparatus, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Ive smoked bright green, very very purple, kiefy orange, and blue blueberry bud.

    Does a bright red strain exist? Cuz that would be cool
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    I remember seeing a thread in here about a strain called "Omega Red" but everyone tore it to pieces about how fake the idea of a red strain is.

    Also I've heard of the fabled "Panama Red" originally having a dull red coloring.

    EDIT: Whoops \/ that \/ guy got it first!

    thats the one strain I wanna burn before I die.its supposed to have an intense, racy, and psychedelic high. its fucking legendary mayne

    once i had some weed that had like a rusty red color.
  4. once my mate had some weed that was sort of red/pink it quite good aswell realy chilled out high no parinoua at all. sorry about the spelling in preety high and i cant type when high:eek:
  5. ive got some in my pickup thread. its in my sig
  6. I've definitely had red weed before. Not like completely but pretty red, like many red hairs etc.
  7. About five/six years ago we got soem bud from budmonkey online distributor ( no longer exists). and the hairs were bright red and the high was intense.
  8. OSG grows red bud. I saw some big ass nug he had that was just fucking covered in red hairs
  9. Someone told me about a strain called Cranberry which is red, at least as I understood it..
  10. i have had some with a red hue to it. when i lit it it would crackel like firecrackers...but it got me pretty high
  11. I picked up some strawberry from a despensary in Van nuys and it had a little bit of pinkish color in some areas. Smelled so sweet and tasted very sweet. Im not a huge fan of super sweet bud but it was good.

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