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  1. hey everyone i read about these lights on some post here, are these colored lights the same thing as hps and mh lights? the light i have now is a purplish light i got from walmart,and it seems to work fine. i live in the city. does neone know what retail store can i get the needed lights at?
  2. I don't think you want actually red or blue lights, I think you want red or blue spectrum lights.
    You can use cfl's just fine and you'll be able to buy them at your walmart.
  3. HA! Dude, are those the 2' (I think) floro that says "Grow Light" on the package? I have two of those set up and they do make a purplish glow. You can use those from seed to bud. They've been working well so far
  4. yea im pretty sure we got the same thing and they do seem to work well...but would the other lights work any beter? where can i get blue or red spectum lights? what do i look for?
  5. Well I'm not an expert on this but I'm sure someone will correct me. I've done enough reading, though, to get the jist:

    Blue light spectrum (what you want for veg) can get achieved by using an MH light. Red spectrum, use HPS. And I believe depending on what color spectrum you get of CFL's you can do both with them.

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