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Recycling weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cryzza, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Yes that's right,

    I Vape my bud using the MFLB (very happy with it) then with the vape poo i pack a bowl in my bong and rip it, best way for me to conserve weed and its just the same high aswell,

    Taste the same, same high, get double hits from weed. Why not?

    Does anyone else do this? or am i the only one :p

    packin` another bowl as i type, toke on!
  2. You have 94 posts, I find it hard to believe that you have never read that on this forum before.

  3. i haven't
  4. Just cook with it. Smoking it tastes like shit.
  5. save it up and make some quality oil with that shiz
  6. yeah? i had this little container full of it and the other night me and my mates just smoked that got high as fuck and we where happy, never knew you could cook with vape poo, cheers for the heads up!
  7. ABV.
    If there is an acronym for it, then it's pretty well known.
  8. What does ABV stand for?
  9. Already Been Vaped :smoke:
  10. Copied from my post on another thread on this topic:

    My suggestion:

    Take vaped weed, grind it up into a powder (it will break up easily, being so dry) and put it in a glass dish, bowl, whatever. I prefer to use a glass measuring cup with a pour spout because it make pouring much easier. After you have your vaped herb in this container, cover it in 99% Isopropyl alcohol.

    Let it sit about half an hour, more if you really feel like it. Then take another dish, and place a coffee filter over it (a paper towel works too, if you're desperate) and pour your vaped weed/alcohol mix through it. What should go through the filter is a dirty-looking alcohol mix that should have no vaped particles in it. You can also use alcohol to clean your whip, and the add the used cleaning alcohol to the vaped weed/alcohol mix.

    Then pour this liquid out onto a glass baking dish (brownie pan). Let it sit out outside or next to an open window, and let almost all of the alcohol evaporate off. It will take a day, maybe a little more depending on the amount of alcohol you used. You should be left with a small amount (probably a tablespoon or less) of oily gunk, that should have the consistency of maple syrup. Take some (fresh preferably, vaped if you saved some) ground bud and mix it with that syrupy liquid, using the bud as a sponge to soak up all that syrup. Then let it dry out more, until the bud/gunk mix can be handled.

    NOTE: If you're doing this out of desperation, and don't have bud to add back to the syrup, you can use rolling papers to soak up that mix. A little bit of 99% alcohol can be added back to the oil to make it a bit more runny, if needed. You can then take these soaked papers, ball them up, and proceed to smoke them (after you let them dry, if you added alcohol back to the oil). Not the best choice, but you smoke papers anyway, so fuck it.

    Then take that shit and smoke it. I guess you could vape it, but it's not very good for vaping.

    Might seem like a lot of work, but if you just save the vaped weed, once you save up a bit of it you can get yourself something actually worth smoking out of it, and something that will actually get you more than a little buzz.

  11. ^^ cheers for the info mate

    I was sharing my experience btw lol

  12. I know, but that's what I do with my ABV bud now. I used to do exactly what you do and just vape the herb and then smoke it in a bong. But vaped bud no longer gets me high enough to make smoking it worthwhile, so I use that method to concentrate it to a point where I can smoke it. Believe it or not, the oil produced through this method is even more potent than fresh bud. It doesn't taste the greatest, however.

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