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  1. How many people flower their mother plants? Well I do but would you still call it a mother plant? I still take clones right up to 4 weeks into flower! The process starts at harvest. First of all you don't' flush before harvest. This causes the plant to eat its nutes from the rest of the plants. You pick the buds & place them into a vessel of water(vase). You do this for a week! Than you place the buds hanging in a cardboard box ! They should dry 7-2-10 days depending on the humidity of the room! You can tell they are dry when you can snap the stem. After they are dry you place them into glass jars to cure them, every 4 days you burp them by opening the jar & once a month you rearrange the bud to allow them to fully cure! But back to the recycled plant. After you take your buds off you leave a few of the smaller lower buds on. Then you place the plant back into veg & take clones as wanted! I have budded my mothers about 10 times
  2. Interesting, do you have pictures?
  3. No I don't but it is almost harvest time & the beginning of a recycle grow is the harvest! Maybe if I can remember I can start a picture journal! Your crop is effected by the way you harvest. The girls are ready to go back into the flower chamber with in a month but one thing you most remember after the second or third grow. You should repot her because you would have put nutes in her the entire time & this will cause salt build up. Flushing will not remove all salts & sugars
  4. So you pick the buds, put them in a vase for a week & then you put the same buds in a cardboard box.

    I don't get what you're trying to say here.

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  5. I flush them in a vase for a week.Then when I done with the flush, I take a big box & run string across the top from one side to the other. I than hang the buds on the string to hang dry inside the box. It is more work but you taste & feel the effects( better)! People have asked where to get a big box or what kind of a box. I have found wardrobe boxes work best because you can hang five foot buds in one of those!
  6. He water cures, I take it.

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  7. Ok

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