Recycled dressing bottle

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by beastlyb, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Enjoy making different bongs from nice glass pieces. There are more too
  2. Nice job! A lot of home made stuff has plastic, yours looks professional.
  3. Thanks bro, it is all glass. A little bit a practice and you start to look at every piece of glassware as a potential bong.
  4. clean dat shit tho that thing is nasty
  5. Regardless of how clean it is, I think you did a pretty kick ass job on constructing this homemade bong. I'd love to know how you cut the glass to put the bowl pipe without breaking the whole thing.
  6. Thanks bud, I appreciate it. If you're interested in making one, in order to cut the glass, all you need is a drill and a diamond drill bit. Sounds expensive, but look on eBay or Amazon, costs about ten USD. Once you start drilling, use some running water or a spray bottle to keep the glass from cracking. You'll need to look into sizes of the bit and correlate to the stem and bowl. Also recommend grabbing a rubber grommet to seal the connection.... Or I could make you one, I'll just charge for parts and shipping. Let me know if I can help.
  7. As a Chef @ a prominent country club, I got the bartender to give me the Goldslager bottles which using a diamond bit on my Dremmel made very nice water pipes for me...
  8. nice bong...

  9. How did you do it
  10. Do what? I have a explanation a little ways up, on how I drill into glass.
  11. Just wanted to say, I love it!
  12. Why thank you, I do too. Toke on my friend

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