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  1. Hi so my grow cab is a rectangular shape so ive been starting to think about growing in a long rectangular pot for my next grow my questions are:

    If i put my plant on the left most side of the pot will its roots grow all the way to the right side?

    Secondly, will this hinder growth, putting the plant in the corner of the cabinet and using a screen to train the plant to grow all the way over to the right side?
  2. Yes and some growth will be hindered.

  3. Ok thanks. With that being said, would it be better to place the plant in the middle and train it to grow out left to right? Or better to throw her in the corner? Also what growth will be hindered? Obviously it will be stressed not being able to grow straight up I understand that, but anything otherwise(mainly flower growth im concerned with lol)? Thanks again HelpDesk
  4. Better to plant in center and train outwards in all directions. That's what's going on above the soil -- below the soil the roots will fill the available space.

    I use extra-large plastic kitty litter bins, they're rectangular, about 5-gallons, free if you have a cat, and extra bonus they have handles. I use two for each plant, an inner and an outer. The inner one I wrap in duct tape to keep all light off the roots, drill holes in the bottom for drainage, and drill more holes all around the top for pre-made LST anchor points.That goes into the other one which catches the runoff.

  5. Thanks for the advices I will plant in the center of the pot. As for using the kitty litter containers,those would be nice but im limited on my height so I want a pot with more horizontal grow space instead of vertical grow space
  6. How much height are you working with?

    That's another advantage of the kitty litter bins, since they are relatively tall and narrow you get a lot of soil volume into a small footprint that can fit tightly under the light.
  7. Im in a small cabinet with a height of about 32" my leds when hung from the top of the cab eextend 5" down and I don't think tops should get closer than an inch or 2 to the leds because they are pretty intense haha. I have a screen that's set about 16 inches up if I remember correctly but I want to set it lower next time. Idk if this would be possible with those kitty litter containers, how tall are they?
  8. Hmmm, two bins one inside the other stands 18" tall. That doesn't leave much space for the plants...

  9. well i wasnt going to use two i would use one with a tray to make it easier to drain and check run off water. how tall is just one? the pot i have right now is about 14"
  10. Just one is 15", without any kind of tray beneath.

    You can see why one inside the other works well, there's a 3-inch air gap for catching runoff.

  11. this sounds like it could work, or i might try air pots. thanks though

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