Recreationally using Ibuprofen

Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, May 29, 2006.

  1. I have a big bottle of 200mg Ibuprofen pills.
    I know they are very bad to take with alcohol *I know firsthand*.. But im sober and Im wondering how many 200mg pills I should take for recreational use.
  2. None.

    Unless you want to die.
  3. Seriously, eh?
  4. You dont use ibuprofen recreationally, all it is is acoetometaphen (im pretty sure i spelled that wrong but w/e) and that'll kill your liver.

  5. and give you an ulcer:wave: :hello: it wont even get you buzzed
  6. all i have to say is wow
  7. No weed for months is starting to get to me I think :rolleyes:
  8. very stupid
  9. I have a lot fo stupid ideas. I decided no to take it. If my friends from the CIty say it doesnt work and its bad for me, I guess I'll believe them. :cool:
  10. I just went to the store and bought a big bottle of advil. anyone know how many I need to get fucked up?
  11. The whole thing. Also chase it down with some hard liquor for best results!
  12. :laughing:

    No need to be a dick. But...

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  13. *sigh* :rolleyes: I deserve this
  14. Yeah man, ibuprofen (acetiminophen [sp?]) is a pain reliver but not for recreational use. If you take a bunch of them than you will get a bad stomache ache and not be able to fall asleep and throw up and probably feel like shit tomorrow. Just don't even try it.

    jah bless
  15. Ibuprofin and Acetemenophen (Tylenol) are not the same thing. Too much Tylenol can cause severe hepatotoxicity. It can be fatal. However Ibuprofin is a different kind of medicine. It can also kill you though. While Tylenol can damage the liver Ibuprofin can damage the kidneys.

    In closing, take as many as you want. It will give the papers something to write about.
  16. ^Lol, Exactly.

    Somebody with knowledge.

    I have to backspace alot and fix what i write. Like 2 out of 3 words i fix.

    Im really drunk.

    2 40's of King Cobra, Now 3 beers of busch (chaser) and like 3/4 fifth of whiskey.

    Im tore up.

    A average drinker, Those 2 40's will tear them up.

    Add the whiskey i drank, And its like drinking 3 more 40's is what im feeling.

    Its like drinking 5 40's of King Cobra in what, Less then 2 hours now. I started at like 9:10 PM. Its now 11:04 PM. Im drinkin another busch 12'er.

    I drank like half of a OE HG earlier my bro had from last night.

    Im so drunk.

    I drank so much so quick.

    All together, Addin the percents to beer, Thats like 29 beers in 3ish hours.

    So crunk.

    Of course weed.

    And a xany bar.
  17. ^^ good times good times :smoking: :smoking:

    Im back from a session, fat ass 2 pape and a blunt. Feelin damn nice too
  18. ^^ feeling pretty good?

    I'm about to step outside and smoke a bowl or 2 of some dankass dro.
  19. i have some 800mg IB and it kicks the shit out of any mucle pains i may get(lower back usually)

    but i would never recommend it for recreation
  20. I just ate 10 tylenols, when will it hit me? Will my eyes get red? Will this show up on a DT? If so how can I detox? Will I die if I smoke weed? Will masturbation give me a brain hemorrage? I need to know this rely quick plz, kthx.

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