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  1. Why did you ruin the recreational use forum? The whole sub forum thing is so whack, and makes it tedious to go look through the forum. All the mods keep bitching about people not being able to post in the right sections. Well I suppose if you did not want to spend your time deleting threads and performing forum maintenance you shouldn't have become a moderator in the first place.
  2. I like the sub forums because now the 3 aspects of rec are clearly laid out. Leaving now apprentice for questions and the seasoned for whatever seasoned.. I think now it will help aid in people not posting pics of their pick ups and crap in other sections. Im not a mod or anything so don't take my word on it.. just saying
    As forums grow this kind of stuff is necessary to maintaining balance.
  3. just another reason never to visit there
  4. We can't make everyone happy. :)

    We listened to a majority that wanted some kind of organization within Recreational Marijuana Use and did what we could to please the majority. The Mods, Super Mods and I discussed the situation regarding Rec Use thoroughly and this seemed to be the answer.

    Change isn't something everyone likes and we get that.
  5. how about a mod makes a poll asking what the people want and whichever gets the most votes wins?
  6. It's not that hard to browse through, considering as how all 3 options are listed on the main forum page. I, personally, think it's a lot easier. It should also help (if even slightly) reduce repeat threads, because it's separated by category instead of having everything lumped together. Things get buried less quickly, so people have a chance to see the existing threads before making their own...
  7. So what are people supposed to post in the rec forum?
  8. Thats what i want to know???
  9. Did you read the descriptions?
  10. I know what goes in each sub-forum, but what about the main Rec. use forum???

  11. I read in the sticky that the rec forum itself will not be posted in.
  12. Nothing goes in there. It's just like with the other sub forums throughout's forums. Nothing goes in the main category.
  13. And the main category is closed to posting.
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    Is it really that much more difficult to make one more click on the forums? You can just bookmark (ctrl+D ;)) each subforum so you can just go there with a single click. It doesn't make more sense to me to have less organization within a very broad topic of discussions. On top of that, like you mentioned, people can't even post in the correct forums to begin with, creating more unnecessary threads to wade through in rec use.
  15. Pfft, the new categorization is probably the ONLY reason I'll visit there, aside from checking the Piece Cleaning Guide.

    I say good on ye, modly types.

  16. Thanks for the comments on the topic. Rec Use was out of control and something had to be done.

    We've got a huge community here where just about anything can be discussed so organization is necessary. We'd be foolish to allow complete chaos to continue.
  17. I think it serves a tad more purpose than just being more convenient to use; It actually requires people to put a little more thought in to posting... I've got a hard time taking some posts seriously when they couldn't even take the time or put in the thought to put it in the right place.

    First impressions, ye know :p
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    I know my opinion probably will not matter but I would like to make a suggestion. I understand the Mods need for organization to make life easier but I don't really like it probably because its different than I'm used to but I have an idea for a compromise....if its even possible. can the rec use main forum be a combination of all of the sub forums for those of us who like to just browse posts on all topics?

    Never mind I just saw the other thread that has the same idea and was shot down
  19. I've already answered that in anther thread within GF. There's no way to do that with what we have and how we have things set. As suggested, bookmark the sub forums and/or open then in different tabs or windows.
  20. I don't really like the change, but I do admit there was a massive clutterfuck of posts in rec quite a bit and trikky or burntwaffle or AK would end up having to play janitor and clean up.

    So, from an organizational standpoint, I see where you guys are coming from but I guess I just liked the old style.

    No matter, not as if I'm going to leave over it

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