Record disapproval for congress after debt talks

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  2. I hate the tea party people so much lol. Its pretty safe to assume that congress really doesn't give a shit what the people want, despite the fact that the people are the ones who got them elected in the first place.
  3. I think that if you look hard enough, you would find that a great number of people have been saying that for years, sadly that number is dwarfed if compared to number of people that don't listen.
  4. Yeah it's all the Tea Party's fault, it couldn't be the five wars the US is involved in currently, despite American and International law violations :rolleyes:

    Typical Americans are getting dumber by the day, or maybe it's just becoming more obvious.
  5. They're screwing themselves by being politically unpopular, but I'm not sure how reigning in our ridiculous spending can be construed as "ruining the country". Too much TV for you...

    "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard"

    Ya how dare they bring fiscal responsibility to the national debate lol.

    And I'm pretty sure the people who elected the "tea party people" are getting what they want.
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    Please explain what the tea party is doing to screw the country.

    Im not a tea party follower in general, but i was pleasantly surprised to find out the new tea party congressman were not going out like the rest of the whores that make up congress, when it came down to the issue of debt.
  7. no one cares about the national debt, we want jobs..... create jobs and the economy will fix itself cause ppl will have money to spend rather than the rich only spending it on the political system and not the economy

  8. Perfect example of the problem.

    How do you propose we make jobs?

    Let me guess, government investments.
  9. Infrastructure
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    This was the wrong time to negotiate spending cuts. All the tea party cares about is lower taxes (mostly for the wealthy) even if their methods worsen the economy and brings ruin to the middle and lower class.

    Debt talks stalemate already hurting the economy « InvestmentWatch

    Will Cuts In Debt Deal Hurt US Economy? - Money News Story - WTOV Steubenville

    Stocks in freefall; Dow closes 500 points lower - Business - Stocks & economy -

    But look on the bright side, if we go into a double dip recession everyone will blame Obama and forget that it was tea party influence that put us there. But that's the tea party unwritten philosophy, lower taxes for the rich is the top prirority even if it drags down the rest of the country.

    tax cuts for the rich = 700 billion
    wall street bail out = 4.6 trillion
    right-wing wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) = another 2 trillion

    spending cuts for programs that benefit the poor = priceless

  11. so you really think our debt problem is more of the tea parties falt then obama`s? You drink your kool-aid cold or warm?
  12. Here's the problem.

    This is all like an employer saying, "I'm really mad that the person I hired isn't doing his job, and in fact he's killing people outside of work and sinking my business into the ground-- man, I don't really like what he's doing."

    And by fire I mean walk up to him in front of everyone, grab him by the collar and hair and drag him out of your business, then proceed to humiliate him and throw him in jail yourself... because the 99% of the law enforcement/military is on his payroll.
  13. Obama's biggest flaw is he doesn't improve things despite his promises, but the tea party's influence on congress made things worse recently.
  14. Maybe the typical ugly American doesn't care about the national debt, but our creditors do.

    What do you think will happen when they stop lending us money and sell all of their US securities? It's better that we address the debt before this happens.
  15. I'm actually pretty ashamed of this congress. Makes me kind of sad to be an American.

    By all means lets cut spending and government programs at a time when unemployment is at 9%.

    Let's ignore the fact that taxes support government programs that create jobs, which gives people income, which people spend and thus stimulate the fucking economy.

    Let's ignore the fact that demand creates jobs in the private sector and that there won't be demand if people don't have money to spend on anything.

    But instead let's tie together two mutually exclusive concepts (debt ceiling (past spending) and the budget (future spending)) and drag on the argument until the last minute so that the global markets lose all faith in the ability of our leaders thus causing investors to lose faith in our economy, further causing more harm to something already half in the shitter.

    Ashamed to be an American.
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    If you really want to pay off the debt you cut spending but keep taxes higher.

    If you continue to cut taxes you'll never pay off the debt.
  17. Lol, keynesian fail.


    You have to take into consideration economic growth, and taxes certainly won't help with that. At this point I think we would be better off attracting investment by reducing some of the costs of doing business in the US. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world you know...

    I agree though, I'd be fine with keeping taxes at the same rate and cutting spending. If we reduce the size of the Federal government enough we can reduce taxes even more. There is A LOT of waste here...
  18. 1) Hottest Revolutionary on our side
    2) Truth

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