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  1. Hello im new to indoor growing but i had one question. I wanted to use CFLs because they sound easy and not that expensive to buy. My question: If i was going to grow 2 plants would 2 CFLs do the trick? Or would i need more then 2?

    Thanks in advance
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    well with cfl's you need 150 true watts for one and 50 per extra pant for decent growth. make sure you get 2700k for flowering and 6500 for vegging

    good luck with your grow man
  3. Thank you, I hope it turns out well!
  4. It's 100 true watts per plant, and with CFL's you have to get the lights 2-4 inches away for them to be effective. The farther away, the less light there is exponentially. 2700k for flowering and 6500k for flower.

    I'd look into a 150w HPS though. I thought on my first grow "Oh I'll just grow a plant or two under CFL's and nothing more." Well let me tell you, growing is addictive as hell. You'll be wanting to rid yourself of the hassle of multiple bulbs and all the wiring.

    Indoor Grow Lights by High Tech Garden Supply | Your Online Hydroponics Store You can get a good 150w HPS for 70 dollars that owns 150w of true CFL. It would pay for itself on the first grow because of how much more you'd get yield wise. Or you can look at there fluorescent fixtures and bulbs if your strapped for cash.

  5. its 6500k for veg bud.
  6. opps mybad its late here:eek: sorry for the mistake dude.. hope all is well

  7. Hey my fault man, I wasn't trying to be a nazi just wanted to be sure he has the right info :smoke:
  8. Thanks a lot, i think i might look into the HPS lights a little more

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