Recommend some books?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by mossback1953, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I have Teaming with Microbes & Compost Tea Making Manual 5th Edition. What others would you suggest???
  2. Just ordered Gil A. Carandang's book! Any other books?
  3. Howdy mossback.

    I want to first off welcome you to Grasscity and tell you that the 2 books you've chosen are both great choices. I would recommend "The One-Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka and The Birth of Biodynamic Agriculture available at SteinerBooks .

    The latter book was compiled from the writings/teachings of Rudolf Steiner who was considered the Father of Biodynamic Agriculture and his work was done over 80 years ago.

    There is a similar story with Masanobu Fukuoka. Visit the video link on the web page to get an idea of the books content. These two books should give you a lot to ponder along with the 2 you've already selected.


  4. Gils book is a good thing to have. However, I bought it on Amazon for my Kindle and all I got was the multi page article that I find all over the web for free. $10 was not a fair amount to pay for a "paper". I recommend not buying it for your kindle, unless I am missing something.

  5. I downloaded the same and was not disappointed to have a small amount of money go towards Gil.
    After all he is the author, he has my respect, so I think a small donation is not unreasonable. I'm just waiting for some of our own to put out a book, and yes i'll buy it, even if i can get it free. The things i have learned over the last several years here and elsewhere has been invaluable, these techniques have led directly to better, cleaner herb, and clued me in to how things work, a lot of us have directly monetarily profited from this advice, so why begrudge an author some pieces of eight? .....MIW
  6. MI, I am a shyte. Actually, that is very good justification for paying for it. I hope Gil gets the proceeds or some significant part of it. It is surely worthy. Thanks for clearing the path, dude.

  7. As for books, Steve Solomon has a book out on organics. I can't remember the name right name, but if you Google him you will find it.

  8. any book from Borders is a good book. Help them liquidate!

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