Recommend a small game?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm kinda bored for the summer and wonder if anyone can recommend any games that don't require too much machine power to run?
  2. PC? Or console?

  3. pc ;)
  4. Well I can't really help you out then. Sorry mate :/
  5. The westward series is pretty awesome and doesnt take much at all. I think there's 4, there pretty long also.
  6. Tactics arena online i played a few times seemed ok to kill time. If your pc can handle dc universe online then try that. :)
  7. Slender sucks bawls. Play the Penumbra series it's very fun
  8. There is always minecraft or terraria. Both don't require much. Go back and play diablo 2. That can run on old machines.
  9. Not really into horror games :p was more interested in arcade type games
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    Try Mount and Blade: Warband. I bought it during the steam sale and I've been playing it every day since because it's so damn addicting. It's kinda like Skyrim without the magic spells but it's built for multiplayer combat. The melee mechanics are some of the best I've seen and allow for some extremely satisfying moments online. Plus, it's an older game so it should be easy to run with lower settings

    but if you want something like a side-scrolling game, I've heard good things about Limbo

    Interesting note, Viking. Your sig (the viking smoking the j) is some concept art from Mount and Blade: Warband. What a funny coincidence :smoke:
  11. yes, what a coincidence

    maybe i knew this

    maybe mount and blade is one of my favorite games :D
  12. Space Pirates and Zombies!
  13. [​IMG]

    haha well if you've got it, we should game together sometime

  14. Live in EU?
  15. Unfortunately, no. I'm in the US but I'm not sure if connectivity will be an issue. I usually have a pretty decent connection and I've played on german servers without too much lag before.
  16. Portal.

    Portal 2.
  17. Roller coaster tycoon 3, make roller coasters then ride them. What could be better when you're high?
  18. If you're looking for something really basic, download spelunky.
  19. Frozen Synapse just popped into my head.

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