Recomended movie(s) while high

Discussion in 'General' started by XZit, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Well I'd thought I'd made a recomended movie thread for what to watch when your baked.

    Just say the movie and why you recomend it.

    My recomended movie isss:
    holy shit this is the best fucking movie to watch while high. When I'm baked and I watch this my perceptions go crazy and I analyze everything in this film.

    The best part is that the kids in the movie remind me of my friends and I smoking lol. You know--walk into the room and everyones puffing away.

    I think that all stoners and drug users (and others) can relate to this movie in one way or another.
    I relate to it in terms of the kids smoking and shiz...but minus the stds and other crap.

    --So what are your fav movies to watch while baked?

  2. waking life (about dreaming)

    requiem for a dream (trippy film about drugs)

    the wall (the pink floyd film)

    rainbow bridge (the jimi hendrix film)

    clerks (first jay and silent bob film)

    any sort of sci-fi or crapp low budget horror is good.

    oh, donnie darko.

    battle royale (japanese film about a class of kids who are sent to an island to fight to the death) very good. very scary.
  3. Barak - One awseome movie really hard to explain but you have to WATCH IT. It's my favorite stoned movie, and if you've seen it the part with the chickens is freaky.

    Matrix - The action sequences are awseome and the plot of the movie rock. (even the 2 and 3 ones) the best action scene when high is the battle for zion, thats crazy when you're baked

    David Chappelle Killing Them Softly - It was an HBO special and is now on DVD if you like stand up this is a must have will make you piss you're pants

    Titan A.E. - Sweet Animation movie and i love sci-fi movies about space

    Akira - Really wierd when your complete baked and it makes you think alot, and the action and motorcycle scenes are amazing

    Initial D - If you like cars and Anime a must buy, (sometimes i watch it with rap playing, the words sync up with thier lips just wierd to watch)

    Friday - (the first one) funny as hell, i love smokey every time he lights up in the movie so do I.

    Theres way more that are great when baked these are just all of the ones i could think of.
  4. cheech and chong flicks

    how high

    half baked

    donnie darko

    shit i can watch anything when im high
  5. pulp fiction (love it), snatch, blow

  6. Amen to all of that!!
  7. Finding Nemo. Trust me, it kicks ass.

    Super Troopers. The start is funny as hell while lit.

    Half Baked. Need I say more?

    Pink Floyd: The Wall. Fucking amazing movie. Pink Floyd rocks, and The Wall is one of their best albums.
  8. requiem for a dream
    donnie darko
    vanilla sky

    i've seen that film so many times.

    everyone should see it at least 10 times.
  10. the big lebowski

    easy rider

    dazed and confused

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


    spinal tap no order, the list goes on and on...
  11. i love dazed and confused
  12. Donnie Darko, best movie i've ever seen.
  13. theres so many of this threads but i love em

    o brother where art thou, pink floyd - the wall, clerks, snatch, lock stock and two smoking barrels, donnie darko, easy rider, cat in the hat, fast times at ridgemont high, matrix, dazed and confused, lord of the rings, fear and loathing in las vegas, a nightmare before christmas, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, the royal tennenbuams, up in smoke, young frankenstien, usual suspects, zoolander, boondock saints, a muppets christmas carol, and any marx brothers movie (er most).

    documentaires kick ass stoned too! dunno why its juts fun to learn from the tv ..wish my school had cable in the classroom :D

    ya dude i wish i got payed to watch movies like ebert and roper ..ya dude thats a good idea a stoner ebert and roper :p
  14. best movies to watch messed up


    -Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    -Army of Darkness (lol)

    -Slacker (its an indy film from the early 90s . . . great movie if you can find it!)

    -Momento (although you probably will get really confused)

    -Snatch (I was the drunkest I have EVER been when watching this, so maybe its just me but I love this movie)

  15. that is the funniest shit ever! this is a must see for all stoners....
  16. boondock saints

  17. NO, its not just you....this movie is amazing. It is directed so well and its unbelievably funny, ahhh i love this movie.

    Others: Dazed and Confused, Half-Baked, Blow, Dead Man (Old Johnny Depp movie) umm yeah theres more.
  18. Some one said willy wonka and the chocolate factory was a good movie to watch when your stoned. I highly reccomend that to everyone. Except I don't think I could ever watch that when i'm stoned, cuz... umm.... oompa loompa's freak the shit out of me.
  19. Super Troopers
    Half Baked

    AirHeads--i had actually forgot all about this one till the other night. Steve Bucimii *Sp?* is in it...WITH HAIR!

    Dave Chapelle *sp?*

    South Park

    Altered States

    The Breakfast club

    Any Kevin Smith Film- Chaseing AMy, Clerks, Mall Rats, etc etc

    Any Quinten Terintino film

    I'm sure there are others..but damned if i can think of them now.
  20. ya dude snatch and lock stock and two smoking barrels are 2 of the best movies ever!! the way they are directed ..they have tons of cooky characters like a comic book or something.

    the plots are all twisty turny ..funny and full of all this intense action.

    if you have not seen snatch or lock stock and two smoking barrels go out dont rent em ..but buy em! cause i guarentee you will love em.

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