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Recomendations for 1000 Watt HPS

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by HerbalEssences, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. So I am looking to start my first Indoor grow soon and I have decided on purchasing a 1000 watt HPS light... how many plants could I grow from start to harvest under that?

    So can you guys recommend a light set up? Also if I chose to look for one myself what qualities and flaws should I look and watch out for
  2. again you can grow 1 or 100 plants under that. Some people grow single trees under 1kw and some people grow SOG @ 9 plants per square foot which would be 144 plants under the same light.

    You definitely want an air cooled hood. Other than that I have no advice on the light. I personally run Sun Systems hoods and ballasts, no problems and they are well made at a decent price. Eye Hortilux bulbs.
  3. I say 10-20 plants per 1000 watt is a good estimate.
  4. what are you basing this on? good estimate? I grow 4-6 under each 1000watt.
  5. woah woah woah... there gonna be enough light from one 1000watt to grow eg...10 plants in a square from start to finish...super nautical do you have msn or xbox... I have lots of questions but the forum is slowww and ur really educated
  6. thanks. I'll stick with the slow 'ol board for advice, sorry.

    You can definitely grow 10 plants under a single 1kw. Basically the shorter you grow, the more plants you have. My setup is designed for 4' tall plants so I find 2-4 to be a good number under each 1kw. If you planted any more and let them grow to 4' many would be crowded out and die off. No big deal I guess, but no sense planting when you know they're going to die.

    in short
    lighting is dependent on area
    # of plants is dependent on finished height.

    They're correlated but not directly dependent to each other.
  7. to add to the above...

    If I had designed a room for 2' tall plants at finish I'd likely plant 15 or more in the same area.

    You'll get a feel for how the plants respond to their environment on your first grow. I can't stress enough to new growers how much they'll learn on their first grow. Just understanding what the plant is doing and how it is responding the the artificial world you created for it's every need. Keep it simple. A single 1kw HPS, E&F table, carbon filter and cooling/exhaust fan.
  8. SUPERNAUTICAL, specifically lol

    I have a few questions for you about indoor, I noticed you seemed really knowledgeable about this so I figured the least I could do is try and get some quality advice.

    1st question: I'm working with a 1000W HPS and metal halide (I dont know its wattage off the top of my head, but I think it will do fine for veg) and as many of the larger CFL's I can buy, was probably going to put like 2-4 in just for a little extra. I HAVE GROWN BEFORE AND WAS SUCCESSFUL, BUT Ive only done outdoor and the plants got huge... So what I'm asking is if i put some clones from a dispensary(GUARANTEED indica strain, probably GDP) in 3 gallon buckets indoor, how far should they be from each other, I know they won't stay as close as they are in the beginning forever, obviously they are going to expand out as well as up, so basically how many square feet should be designated per plant? I used 40 gallon cans or the dug big holes and filled em with Fox Farms ocean forest soil, so I have no idea what size the end of a 3 gallon plant will be.. or if i should do a few less and do 5-6gallon buckets maybe. I am trying to keep 6 mature or less (since that is what California law says). But I was just hoping you might have some good advice on amounts in smaller spaces. I just need to start working numbers, I won't be at this again officially for like 6-8 weeks, but i need to collect and perfect my room first.

    2nd question: These are older lights given to me by my aunt whos getting old meaning they could be a few years old or 20 (but they look pretty new) they are just a spare foot box almost exactly with a big ass bulb, that one is a hydrofarm 1000w hps with the "ballist"? i think it's called (the metal box with all the electrical stuff in it) and a good enough hood, its all built in 1. Also have a metal halide probably around a 600W, its one of those bulbs that are like 1.5 inches in diameter but really long. Also with a hood.

    Do I need a cooler for the lights? I know they will probably be hot, but I was hoping to go an easier way out with a small ac in the room's door or something.

    Oh and I use Fox Farm organics only, soil, liquid nuits, and solubles.

    So you know what I'm aiming for, and everything I'm working with, and i'm hoping you know some key information I need for setting up my room, so like I said, if you have the time to help me out a little bit it would be great, if not, don't worry about it. (Ill just do hours more of internet surfing for a few weeks, which is a hassle and isn't always correct) HAha

    I don't use these often logged in, so I don't know how to email much through here... but if you do choose to offer some advice hopefully it will give me an email or something. Ill check this thread within the next day or 2 as well also.

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