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Recomend bongs ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burped, May 14, 2011.

  1. Can someone please recomend a nice ice or regular water bong for me. My budget is 150, doesnt have to be from grasscity but has to be trusted site
  2. for that price you might be able to find a used US Tubes piece. They make some very nice stuff for reasonable prices but i think their cheapest go for abut $220 new
  3. Depending on where you live you should check out craigslist. They usually have ROOR bongs for $100-150. Well in San Diego they do, good luck!
  4. ALT has some pretty good simple ones..
    I got china glass, its not bad but i wouldve rather gone with a Syn beaker bottom. I had the same budget btw.
    You can get a syn off aqua lab tech[ALT] for about a hundred bucks, and get a pre cooler for it and your set to jet!
  5. I bought a really nice solid foot bong no percs nothing fancy just thick glass for 35 dollars and it's great, I would just find yourself something thick that will work well
  6. SYN glass is within your price range. I got my 12 inch beaker bong with ice pinches for $60 (used).

    You'd be able to find one with a dome perc for around $120-150.
  7. I really regret getting a china glass bong with an 8 arm perc rather then getting a SYN.. is it nice?
  8. SYN as above, or even a nice EHLE.
  9. im very new to bongs so i cant really comment on the hit quality, but i was told by others on the site that have the bong that it hits extremely well for the price. based on my limited experience with bongs i would agree.

    ive only used it a few times due to a drug test, but it is very durable. 7mm everywhere expect the stem, bowl, and female joint. so if you take alittle care with these areas it will be a great everyday piece.

    and no, no ashcatchers on it but it does have ice notches.
  10. Nice! Im either gonna get a molino straight tube or a SYN beaker as my next pick
  11. Single chamber straight tubes :wave:
  12. i would get an syn beaker if you can find one within your price range. the molino is great, but it doesn't compare to an syn.
  13. Yea i was just thinkin of getting one of the cheaper ones off of ALT
  14. I got the exact same Molino tube. No problems at all with it. I threw a Molino ash catcher on it that a buddy had no use for. Thing hit's like a champ!

    The 7mm glass is nice and durable. Unfortunately I know by experience.... lol. Mistakes happen, but it held up!

    I have no complaints with this bong, although I don't have a ton of experience with other ones. In comparison to the others I have hit, there is nothing wrong with this Molino.

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