Recognition Dreams

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  1. So, before i start my story, i would just like to address the douchebag whos going to reply with "Why didnt you bump the other thread?" Shutup man, fuck. I dont know if theres another thread on this, and frankly i dont care.

    Anyways, so i've had recognition dreams for like the majority of my life. Experiencing some kind of event before it happens. Last night i had a really really fucked up dream.

    I dreamt that i was sleeping and having recognition dreams, and then awaking and they would happen. I had like 8 different scenarios of this happening that have actually happened to me before, like reliving them almost, it was fucking crazy. I dont really recall much of the dream right now, besides that part, but its all starting to come to me slowly.

    Essentially having a dream about having a reconigiton dream and then experiencing that scenario. It was like as soon as i woke up in my dream from my recognition dream, i was experiancing that scenario. Fucking crazy.

    Anybody ever had this happen to them before.:smoking: And no, i didnt go to bed high.
  2. use the search button and find out?
    and no i never experienced that, sounds cool though

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