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  1. Do you ever smoke it?

    Sell it?

    Edibles? Capsules?

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    I just dab it when I run out of oil. Tastes like shit but it tests the same and gets me ripped. I've never made edibles with it because I never have enough reclaim to do it. It would make some bomb edibles for sure though.
  3. I make reclaim butter and put it on toast. I usually melt down around a gram into 1/2 cup of butter. Reclaim edibles are potent.

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  4. I do the same thing. Made a grilled cheese with my oil butter the other weekend.
  5. Definitely potent. My first reclaim experience as well as my first edible experience was an amazingly powerful high. Don't underestimate the claim!

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  6. I save up my reclaim until I have a decent amount (at least 4-5g) then winterize it and use it in edibles; winterization helps make the oil taste a little better by removing excess waxes. It also serves as an emergency stash when I'm out, and even if you don't want to consume it, it's good to keep around for seasoning new or freshly cleaned titanium.
  7. You don't have to winterize it if it's already been winterized when it was made since the fats and waxes have already been removed

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  8. I agree, I just don't usually winterize/dewax my oil though so it needs it for the claim.
  9. Why not man! You don't want to be smoking all that stuff!

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  10. As someone who doesn't really consume large amounts of shatter I'm not really concerned with my lipid intake. I'd rather have an oil that's really high terpene.
  11. I freeze/filter my claim solution becuase theres usually other stuff floatin around in there anyway. I believe theres also something that has to come from the water too, I've pulled out weird cloudy shit when putting that stuff through my buchner. kinda looks like some kind of moldy shit that could build up in the water, I've seen it in friends rigs that dont change their water..
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  12. My first edible that worked was a gram of claim mixed and heated into peanut butter with a banana. Edibles never worked on me before that, so i decided go big or go home. I had just gotten out of the hospital with a collapsed lung and was hoping i could somehow sleep through the day, i couldn't dab because i was still feeling real discomfort with every breath. I ate it at 11 am on an empty stomach, it hit me after an hour and a half, i was passed out after 3 hours and slept until 9 that night... Claim is strong... I thought it wasn't going to work after the hour and a half so i went to lay in bed anyway, then i started to feel weird and got up and almost collapsed i was so stoned. It was the first time i was ever like that in my life, i felt like i was on something nasty, i just fell back in bed laughing and fell asleep. I remember laughing for hours at my own jokes in my head and all sorts of shit. Reminded me of a legitimate trip, it was interesting. I did it to myself again then with just under a gram because it was real weak oil, we were only allowed to buy the second run from our guy that week. The same thing happened, only i had shit i was supposed to do that day... not fun.
    But since then i've actually been dabbing it. It's just as strong as my oil was originally. And i'm not sure why people are saying it tastes bad, mine still tastes a like citrus still even. It's not that bad at all. Just take small dabs and at as low of a temp as possible and it tastes just like the oil you had before. Bigger ones get that nasty taste though, leaves an aftertaste too.
  13. I had almost the same experience. Tried edibles twice before and felt nothing. Then put a big unweighed glob of reclaim into a muffin and it had me beyond stoned for a day and a half

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