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  1. Sup y'all,
    Rig is starting to get a little caky. Made up of a seperate tree perc ashcatcher with a domeless titanium nail. Mouthpiece attachment clipped on. Been trying to decide how to move forward with getting reclaim.
    I've been told hot iso is best way to go--question is, is 99% the only way to do it? I've heard 91% isn't as good....and looking like that's what I'll get at most local places.
    Also, what's the best way to evaporate it? or is it best to run it thru a filter (coffee, etc) and then just let it dry?
    Keep dabbin

  2. 99% and or 91% ISO will work just fine, he'll I've even got some good stuff back with 70% but I recommend 99% just because it cleans the piece a lot faster. Pretty much clean the piece with the IPA, then transfer the liquid over to a separate dish, I use a small mason jar wide mouth. Then I let that sit on a Candle Warming Heat Pad that makes the IPA evaporate and I'm left with some beautiful reclaim to either make some edibles or throw back on the TI. 👌

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  3. But there are tons of ways you can evaporate makers work good, griddles, fans blowing above mason jar, heater or blow dryer, hot water bath, candle Warmers ...or just sitting out in the open

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