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  1. So im sure some of you may know Blazeoneup's Recirculating Dwc setup. I am setting that up exactly how his tutorial says am I am going to grow White Widow. My question to everyone is has anyone grown white widow in DWC? I am curios to whats the best nutriants to use and water level of the buckets! Please help ASAP:hello:
  2. Regardless of strain, water level should be about 1/2-1inch below the net pots. I would recommend paying attention to how many gallons it takes to get to that point so that you know how much nute to mix in.

    As far as nutes, I've had great luck with Floranova Bloom or Pureblendpro bloom + CalMag. My white widow was a slightly heavy feeder, fast to show pH issues and really just grew like a madman in my setup.

    The recirc DWC is a great setup btw! Just make sure you put in disconnects for each bucket. There is nothing worse than learning you have 3 males plants and no way to get their buckets out of the recirculation!

    Good luck!
  3. some advice from someone whom has already tried this system.

    his setup is nice but has one issue you need to be aware of. the drain hoses back to the reservoir are piggybacked which restricts nute flow back to the rez. the buckets furthest away from the reservoir will keep a much higher level of nutes in the bucket then the fronts will. its ok at 1st. about 4-5 weeks into flower when the roots are filling up the grow buckets and begin growing in and around your drain line, you will most likely experience an overflow flood out of the back buckets. been there done that.

    to fix and keep the same level of nutes in all buckets, you will need to make some design changes.

    1) instead of piggybacking the return lines. run a line from each bucket back to the rez.


    2) use a very large return line from example - 1.5" - 2" pvc pipe instead of hose that can handle more water volume.

    you would think that reducing the feed lines flow to the buckets would fix the issue but the roots growing into and around the return line openings really causes problems late in the grow.

    just some advice from personal experience.

  4. hey im planning on doing the same system...couldnt you just put a piece of screen over all of the drain fittings in the buckets?
  5. I just built this setup and when I test ran it i noticed my water level is about an inch above the net pots. Will this cause problems? The reason why is because I have the 10" net pots instead of the six and they are deeper (hydro shop only had the 10") I also do notice that the levels in the buckets that are farther away are a little bit higher but I put screens on all my flow fittings so the roots dont grow through the return lines, do you think i'll have a problem with the lines getting clogged cause of roots? I'm more worried about algae even though all my buckets, rez, controller, and tubing are black.
  6. There should really be an updated version blazeoneups DIY...theres so many things missing from his..

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