Recipe for Pepperoni like smell

Discussion in 'General' started by Hefty, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I found out how to make a pretty good replica of the smell of pepperoni.
    Bong water, Axe spray, and Vinegar and water spray.

    I usually keep all my bud stuff up in a small attic in my closet, which has a small piece of wood to cover it.

    So i walked into my bedroom and the piece of wood falls down out of my attic and im like wtf. then i leave my room and come back and this time my bong falls down and spills shitty ass water all over my clothes. So i grab my axe and spray it and that only made it worse. So i just went and grabbed some vinegar spary and hoped that would hide the smell, but it only made it smell like pepperoni. So yeah idk if you guys were wondering, but thats the recipe if you need it.
  2. Why do u leave shitty bongwater in your bong? Pour that shit out after every sesh bro haha
  3. nice, whenever i need my place to smell like pepperonis i will keep this fool-proof method in mind
  4. Now that the smell has settled I think it smells more like beggin strips dog treats lol.

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