Recessions and Debt Suck

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  1. Once upon a time, in a land run by loan sharks, a young man and his father bought a car. The young man wanted a cheap vehicle. The father insisted on something nicer. The young man was assured by his father that plenty of work was available and his job was secure.

    A car was bought for 17000 big ones. Fives years of debt should have ensued.

    Shortly after the young man lost his job, a lay off had come his way. The economy had bottomed out. He later discovered his layoff was the result of in company politics. Five months after leeching off of the government he received a summons back to his old job. He said "GO SUCK A DICK, ASSHOLES." He found new job. He soon discovered not all jobs are equal.

    After months of spotty payment making, the vehicle was repo'd.

    It was a Magnum. It was nice while I had it. Shitty front end though.

    Lessons learned? Parents don't always know what they are doing. Debt and recessions = WTF!!!??!?!oMgWHATthefuckzorz?!?!

    So now I wait and see where this goes. Need to find a cheap car quick. Good thing I can turn a wrench. Thank you last job for at least leaving me with that skill...

    Anyone else dealing with this, or have dealt this in the past? How'd it turn out? I was actually ready to surrender it this week.
  2. Why would you not go back to your old job....
  3. x2. Its shitty that they laid you off but if the pay is good and its a good job why not go back?
  4. yea if my job wanted me back
    id totaly go back

    but its very situational i suppose.
    your company was probly full of pricks.
  5. I didn't go back for various reasons. They kept newer employees over me, mainly because they were brought in by people who will be running the shop in the future. They fed me a bs reason. I was told they're was no work when there was. The owner brought in his kid after I was laid off. I would have been laid off again when the cold hit, they only wanted me to cut their grass for the summer.

    My family has been in the company for year. My grandfather, three of his kids, my dads cousin manages the shop, brother in laws, and what not. The way everything went down just pissed me enough that I wouldn't have been able to deal with it every day knowing I'm simply trash to them.

    But, I'm getting the car back so I guess shit is working out.
  6. from a thread titled debt and recession, its sort of awesome how this bottomline came up...but i be digging it :smoke:
  7. I lol'd at the thread title. It's like saying "Cancer is bad for your health"

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