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Recent pick up - QP of Kings kush.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Shambles, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Alright so here she is, weighed out to 115g on the dot. Payed 750.:hello:

  2. damweniice mane niiced
  3. I spy with my little eye dankage
  4. Def some DANK!! Nice bong rip with a drop of budder on top always does the trick :hello: ill do a milkshot vid
  5. damn, you guys are so lucky up there, that sack would keep me high for months. Nice pick up man.
  6. gotta love canada :smoke: 750 is steep were i am too usually this quality is 600 - 650/QP
    i just have a constant supply so i dontmind helping him out in turn for some dank
  7. Dude you are very lucky. Good fuckin prices!
  8. thanks man, :hello::hello:

    Here is what im hittin right now, Plus this QP of kush. :hello:

    Ive gotten a little carried away with making Honey oil and Budder, So from the leftto right is : honey oil made from Kokanee Gold. Budder made from Purple Kush. Budder made form Green Crack, Budder made from Kokanee Gold. Kif from the bottom of my buster. And the pile of budder is made from purple kush as well :D

    For the different types of strains i have ATM from left to right is..

    Legends Ultimate Indica, Kings Kush, Kokanee Gold, Purple Kush, UK Cheese, and Jack Harer
  9. #9 Nadroj, Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2010
    yeah i couldn't imagine the price of a qp around here, it would probably be around $900-1k, but if you can get a qp that usually means your hook up is the grower probably.
  10. LUI or King's Kush? Which do you like better?
  11. Just want to remind, as people often make this mistake:

    There is King'S Kush, and King Kush.

    King Kush is Master Kush x White Rhino. Anyone know the genetics of King'S?
  12. sick pickup and great price. what other kinda strains have you gotten in that price range?
  13. I believe it's OG Kush x Grape Ape.
  14. fuck i love green crack from canada,hash plant x purple kush yum! especially budder
  15. +rep you always be having that bulky danky buds!
  16. can I be your friend
  17. I wish I had 750 to drop on weed.
  18. Damn, I just filled the cup.
  19. Man, thats some hella nice pickups. How the hell do you keep the Oil Vial so clean?! I have so much oil over 2 of my vials but I can't get it off the side. It's just thinly layered on it:confused:
  20. For this price at around 750 i have gotten:
    - Purple kush - 750
    - Kokanee Gold - 700
    - Kings Kush - 750
    - White Widow - 700
    - Champagne - 750
    - B Grade green grack - 500

    Thats about it from this guy.

    Thanks dude appreciated, i will start posting all of my pickups.

    Sure Can :hello:

    Umm, well i like to use the chubby vials for everything, i HATE the small skinny cologne 1g vials. they are a pain. ( 1g in a chubby vial is exactly the size of the cap sitting beside the vial.)

    Anyway, i just melt the oil down the vial by applying heat from the lighter, not too much to start to burn the oil, just so it warms up and runs down.

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