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    Hey guys!
    I've been having some bad highs lately, worse than I've ever had before. I've been smoking for many years, I know my strains, I know the all the typical factors. I can't seem to pin point it.
    This has been happening for the last two months..
    My first two bad highs: I'm at a friends, smoking, we smoke about 4 gs (which is pretty small compared to my usual: 4 myself), and in about 30 minutes I have this awful pain that feel like my insides are turning. Another 30 minutes go by and the pain goes away instantly. Both times.
    The last 3/4 highs: I have been incredibly paranoid. That has never happened, I have always been really worry free at my house/car etc. Recently, I've been checking my peep hole every 6 minutes and have been spraying febreeze for 10 minutes. It's incredibly annoying.
    So wondering if any of you blades know what could be the problem? Any input would be amazing:)

  2. Maybe your tolerance went down. Or you are just really stressed/paranoid when blazing. Put on some chill music, get yourself a glass of (said drink you like) and try to go with the flow. Try smokin less like if you usually just blaze a bowl and chill. Try taking like 3 hits or so. Wait like 5 min if "coast is clear" take another 3 hits. And so forth "slow and steady wins the race"
  3. Panic attack Maybe? Or try taking a tolerance break
  4. For instance I smoked for the first time today. And my heart is racing and I'm breathing heavily.

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  5. if you heavily use consistently for an extended period of time, you can develop a chemical imbalance. stop smoking pot for 2 months. you'll be high as fuck on sobriety
  6. You probably won't listen but this will help balance out the chemicals in your body, quit smoking for a week get plenty of sleep take omega 3 daily and eat plenty of mangos like 2 a day, they make great smoothies with a bit of pineapple.

    It will balance out your Myrcene and the omega 3 will repair your cannabid receivers in your brain.
  7. Ive had some overyly intense highs recently, they either go really well or i think im having a stroke xD

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.
  8. Maybe a tolerance break is a good idea.
    I actually have a mango smoothie almost every day. My college is a health freak college and there are smoothie places everywhere.

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  9. Panic/anxiety can do some weird things..including stomach pain. I have some anxiety probs At times and I'd say try taking a hit and feeling it out. Then after that you can decide your consumption.
  10. Thanks guys! I am starting a tolerance break in one week. Just gonna smoke what I have left. I'll keep you guys updated :)

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  11. Are bad highs a real thing? I mean I know they're a real thing. But I did not know that they were a real thing when it came to smoking weed. 

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