Recent Attitude Orders... Anyone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by whitnasty1, May 24, 2013.

  1.  Hey guys what's going on?
     I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to share their experience that has ordered seeds from Attitude lately? I am on the East Coast of the US, so I am guessing my shipment will go through the NY customs instead of Chicago, which seems to be picking up a lot of shipments lately... Just wanted to know you guys success rate and such with them, I placed my order last Friday, May 17, and the Royal Mail tracking says it has been dispatched to carrier for delivery in US, and the USPS page is still saying that Origin Post crap. This is my first time ordering from Attitude and am a little nervous, not about any reprecussions from a seizure, but mainly becuase I am on a slight time crunch and do not really have a back up plan, I did get the guaranteed "stealth" however with a wallet, it seems like everyone uses the T-Shirts so I thought I would switch it up. Any and all answers are greatly appreciated, if this Attitude order doesn't make it through, does anyone have any suggestions for another more reliable place I can order from? Thanks very much guys, I really appreciate all of the help and am praying that everything goes wel!

  2. @[member="whitnasty1"]
     I order from Herbies and never have a prob. Hopefully you seeds come dude.
  3. I really hope so, hopefully NYC customs is not as bad as Chicago, which seems to be where most of the problems are originating. I'l just order, order, order until some get through, they have to eventually....

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