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Rec Value of Concerta?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Illusionist, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. well my friend wants to get some house work done and asked me if concerta had any rec value. help me out.
  2. Yeah its an adhd pill i used to take it. its great for getting your shit done
  3. I find tons of recreational value to these despite what most people say. What I do is take 3 36mg concertas break the outer casing, cut the pill and half. I then throw away the greenish thing and crush up the other half of the pill. Then parachute the good half and the shell (3 of each) for a strong buzz.

    Then again. I have no access to adderal without it being like $10 per 20mg.
  4. Concertas are my favorit way to take MPH. It's a long high and takes like 4 hours to peak. I liked to do 162mgs (54mg x 3).
  5. I've never thought about taking it that way. I know the normal dose is something around 12 hours long, but does the increased amount make it last even longer?
  6. Man that is rough, is that the street value? I have a script of these things and I'll sell a couple to friends for like $3 per 20
  7. if u take over 100mg without removing the time release coating you will be up forever! just warning ya

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