Rebuilding the World, After Death?

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  1. So the other day I had one of the biggest trips ever. Before I get into details, let me first say that I am not religious and do not believe in it whatsoever. I say this, because the first thigh thought of this trip is what happens after you die.

    So during this trip, I started thinking what happens when you die... And I think I actually experienced it. It all started out with just me and blackness, nothing existed and nothing existed. Slowly I started to learn that you could make thing with your mind. And a huge voice suddenly said that it was my time to rebuild my life and world. So I started to create everything that I knew of. It went on like this for a while o me just rebuilding my world and my high came down when it was fully built and I was just back in my room and everyone was back. 

    Anyone ever experience anything like this before?

    Summary: way high all black and nothing around me. Started to make things with my mind and eventually rebuilt the entire world.
  2. Totally 100% normal dont worry about I rebuild worlds all the time.
  3. thats fucked up dude. thats way crazy. i woulda freaked lol. but if you could rebuild your life why wouldnt you just make your self rich as fuck with everything you want lol
  4. Yeah man, its called Ego Death and its amazing, and really hard to explain to someone who has never done psychedelics.
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    This was just weed? You need to relax man. Also, how does that have anything to do with what happens after you die? You think we die and get to rebuild the world, ending up "respawning" right where we died?

    -Disregard my post if you were tripping. I thought you were just smoking herb.
  6. Yeah I've had the reconstructing reality headtrip before. Pretty fucking intense.
  7. its a video game yay!!!!!
  8. have you seen the movie inception?
    that basically just happened to you. now the government knows your secrets...
    congrats! :D
  9. I wasn't like freaking out or paranoid either. It was just a really trippy calm feeling.

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