Rebuilding Overgrow's compendium of Knowledge

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by infiniteawesome, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I know that the loss of overgrow was devastating to a certain degree because most of that info was founded or was very individual in some respects. I especially loved the Micro Scrogging section (MrEs whole compendium on microing EVERY aspect of growing was something I never got around to trying, but the basics are still easy enough to replicate).

    Anyway, I was wondering if there was anywhere on the web that still stores a compendium of knowledge regarding growing, there simply isn't enough specifics in books, just the basics. To be honest I'd be much more interested in seeing some unconventional grows which experimented with micro growing as well as some of the research regarding growing under T5s, and in rarer cases, T8s (which will be the basic light setup for my first grow in my first solo apartment . . . whenever that happens).

    This isn't to say I haven't found some interesting articles on growing from time to time on grasscity, but to be honest I feel it simply doesn't have the webspace to compete with what overgrow had in terms of sheer vastness and variation.

    Just wanted to know what you guys all thought about the sitch, because . . .well, I miss overgrow for the info, and I'm just happy the gc is still around cuz the discussions are far more interesting/entertaining than overgrow was.
  2. I have the OG growguide, and strainguide.

    Pretty sure i made a seperate thread with these downloads.
  3. i'm finding that alot of my searches are only revealing old overgrow links also...loads of em on this forums stickies even. very sad to think about how much amazing info is now gone. (and big thanks to the creator of those files, i downloaded em a few days ago in the original thread)
  4. ya the only real way to restore the vast knowlege OG had is to keep sharing here on grasscity!!!thats the only easy way i cant hink of it...

    i do know that some ppl have taken a project of collecting the conversations of OG out of the archive somewhere(dont know the specs not very comp technical), but without all the pics that are the real golden information in my book, as ppl say a pic is worth 1000words.
    so keep sharin everyone, share your knowlege!!!
  5. may be able to help as well as google cache

    I sadly never saved any guides and my cache has been cleared out many times since its downfall

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