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reason for medical?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by whitekush, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. i'm not too sure if this is reason enough..

    but, every morning i wake up with to some degree some nausea.. and i fee like my stomach has digestive problems. almost like an eating disorder..

    i'm a MJ smoker, and i was wondering if this would be reason enough to get me a MMJ card?
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    That is proof as long as you have seen a doctor or doctors about it and if it is on your medical records.
    EDIT: I just saw that you live in Canada, There is no mmj in canada.
  3. yeah i plan on moving to cali in 11 months (got a record deal)

    i guess ill go see some doctors @ sick kids hospital lol
  4. sry for the double.

    what about medical maryj in canada?
    is there none of that here?
  5. I said in my first post that there is no mmj in canada. And you have to be a resident of Cali so you will have to wait much longer than 11 months.
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    What are you talking about there's no MMJ in Canada...

    There most certainly IS Medical Marijuana in Canada - there's an entire commmunity of MMJ users called "Treating Yourself" which is a forum for a great Canadian MMJ magazine.

    Don't post misleading information please.
  7. Congrats on your record deal! You do want to get to the bottom of your medical issues before moving to the US because our healthcare system is very expensive, if you're sick and uninsured. You don't want something like gallstones or an ulcer to flare up while you're in the US so get diagnosed and whatever treatment you might need before you move. No sense in having you career cut short by a gastric problem.

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